Hunger in the news

6 July 2011

South Sudan will split with the rest of Sudan on Saturday to become the newest nation in the world (..). The recent fighting in Abyei has displaced an estimated 100,000 people, who rely on the World Food Programme for assistance. WFP also had been distributing food to an estimated 900,000 people in the south. Emilia Casella, a spokesperson for WFP, said the food agency welcomes South Sudan's independence.

5 July 2011

North Sudan said on Tuesday it wanted U.N. peacekeepers to leave when the south secedes on July 9, shrugging off international pressure to extend the mission to protect civilians caught up in fresh fighting. (..) North Sudan's Darfur region, the scene of an eight-year insurgency, is monitored by a separate joint U.N./African Union (UNAMID) peacekeeping force that does not have the same deadline. Individual U.N. missions, including UNICEF and the World Food Program would also not be affected.

4 July 2011

Four days before South Sudan becomes independent from the rest of Sudan, the United Nations is preparing for the next phase of its role in the region, both on the ground and at Headquarters in New York with the potential addition of a new Member State. (..) Emilia Casella, a spokesperson for WFP, said the agency welcomed South Sudan’s independence, “as peace is important to maintaining food security.”

4 July 2011

Nyanath Kier’s protective arms cradle her crying baby, who entered the world just days before the south of Africa’s largest country is itself born as a new nation. (..) The UN World Food Programme said it helped to feed about half the population last year, or some four million people.

26 June 2011

The Security Council today established, for an initial six months, a United Nations peacekeeping force for the area around the Sudanese town of Abyei, which is contested by both north and south and has been the scene of renewed fighting in recent weeks. (..) The World Food Programme (WFP) and its local partners have distributed food to 42,000 vulnerable people in the area and are prioritizing distributions to locations that are expected to be inaccessible when the rainy season starts.

24 June 2011

Families recall fleeing for their lives when the remote town of Jau, on the border of north and south Sudan, was targeted by army bombings that destroyed the market and scattered the terrified population. (..) The price of sorghum, a local staple, has doubled in the state capital Bentiu, according to the World Food Programme, and fuel prices have shot up too, ironically in an area criss-crossed by pipelines from the state's oil fields.

24 June 2011

Sudan's South Kordofan State Governor Ahmed Haroun said Saturday that life in the region has been restored to its normal course after clashes it has witnessed since June 6. (..) "The humanitarian conditions are stable thanks to the efforts of the Humanitarian Aid Commission and the UN agencies, top of them the World Food Program (WFP) and UNICEF besides the Sudanese Red Crescent," said Haroun.

24 June 2011

The ethnically targeted human destruction in South Kordofan in Sudan, directed overwhelmingly at the African peoples of the Nuba Mountains, continues to spread and intensify. (..) Nearly all World Food Program workers have been evacuated. Many Nuba are now living in caves, without adequate food, water, or medical care.

24 June 2011

The spectre of renewed civil war, perhaps even genocide, is raising its head in Sudan. (..)Humanitarian conditions are deteriorating rapidly, aid workers are fleeing the region, essential relief supplies have been looted in the regional capital of Kadugli, and the U.N. World Food Programme has indicated that the violence could prevent it from reaching the 400,000 people it was serving before the recent onslaught.

23 June 2011

(..) Dear friends, Sorry to have been so out of touch. Just got out of Nuba a couple of days ago by which time it was already a full-on war zone. (..) With a bit of help from WFP (World Food Program) we were able to get access to food stocks that were left when WFP pulled out its staff.