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Together: Saving and changing lives

Urgent: Four Famines

Some 20 million people face catastrophe in South Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria and Yemen with famine already declared in South Sudan. People are already dying from starvation and in South Sudan alone 1 million children are estimated to be acutely malnourished. If we don’t reach people with urgent food aid soon, many of them will die. WFP is on the ground in some of the hardest hit areas, but we need your help to reach more people. Please make a donation to our emergency fund today. Help save a life.

Become a ZeroHunger Hero today

With ongoing crises and conflicts, it often seems there is little we can do to help. But you can make a difference today. Set up a monthly donation -- and join our very special group of donors ZeroHunger Heroes. It’s easy, takes just a few moments, and even a small contribution each month will have a direct impact every day on the lives of children and their families. In return, we’ll send you updates and information on how your support is saving and changing lives.

Emergencies: Your donation can save a life

WFP is working across an unprecedented number of emergencies, and we can only continue this lifesaving work with the support of supporters like you. In Yemen, for example, your gift can mean a month’s supply of food for a family, including wheat grains, lentils, vegetable oil, salt, sugar and a protein-rich food blend called Wheat Soya Blend. For infants (like the one pictured), young children, and new mothers, specialist nutrition support, can often be lifesaving.

Changing lives: Fatmeh’s story

Fatmeh is a Syrian refugee who lives in Lebanon. She fled Syria with her young family. She told us that out of desperation she tied scarves around her sons’ stomachs at night so they didn’t wake up crying from hunger. But thanks to WFP donors, she found hope: “Please thank the people who heard our stories and cared. I feel terribly lonely without my family, but knowing that people know I exist makes me feel less alone. Ask them to pray for us, and for Syria please.”

School meals: Zara’s story

Zara is 13 years old and attends school in Chad. Zara studies hard, because she believes in a brighter future and wants to stay in school, go to college, and she’s excited about one day choosing a career. And it’s because of school meals that she is able to continue her education -- because often the meal that Zara and children like her receive at school is the only meal they receive that day. Nutritious WFP school meals do make all the difference.

Will my donation make a difference?

  1. girl with food
    $15 could give a 1 month supply of food to a hungry child
  2. child with wfp food
    $45 could give a child a lifeline: 3 months’ worth of food assistance
  3. childs with wfp food
    $75 can provide a family with one WFP food box, containing food for a family for an entire month

Why donate to the World Food Programme?

Our global presence

We are the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger. On any given day WFP operates an average of 70 aircraft, 20 ships, and 5,000 trucks. We deliver food in more than 75 countries and our structure and logistical capacity means we can reach those most in need -- wherever they are. You can rest assured that your support will get to where it matters, and together we can save lives.

We are emergency ready

When disaster strikes, WFP is often the first on the ground. And right now, the world is experiencing an unprecedented number of protracted hunger emergencies including in Yemen, South Sudan, and Syria. As a result, WFP’s resources are stretched thin like never before. Your gift will help us greatly -- to provide emergency nutritious, lifesaving food for children and families in their most desperate time of need.

We don’t stop

365 days of the year, we work around the clock to get food to the hungry. Desert, swamp, or jungle, WFP's teams have to navigate through some of the toughest terrain on the planet. When the people who need food are not accessible by road, rail, or river, we use aircraft or a helicopter airlift. So you can count on us and rest assure that your donation will get to those most in need.

Our teams… and you

WFP’s greatest strength is its team working around the world, often under difficult conditions where risks to safety are considerable. They are heroes. But you can also play your part. Become a ZeroHunger Hero with a monthly donation. It’s easy, just click on the monthly donation button on this page; it takes just a few minutes, but will give support to where it’s most needed, month after month.

Does my donation count?

  1. 64 per cent of donations
    For every $1 you give, 64 cents goes directly to programmes supporting hungry people.
  2. contribution icon
    WFP relies entirely on voluntary contributions. Donations come from governments, corporations and Individuals. Every donation counts.
  3. people icon
    Thanks to our generous donors, WFP assisted 76.7 million people in 2015 in 81 countries. Looking forward, you can rest assured that we won’t stop until we’ve reached our goal - a world with zero hunger

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