Food Security Analysis

Food Security Analysis
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Before intervening in a country, the first priority for WFP is to understand the food security situation of the population. WFP's food security analysis work is commonly known as VAM (Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping) and is carried out by over 150 analysts around the world.

What is food security?

People are considered food secure when they have available access at all times to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active life. Learn more

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Latest trends in staple food prices


Latest trends in Food Security

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WFP's unique network of food security analysts works closely with national governments, UN partners and NGOs. Their work informs the policies and programmes that WFP and its partners adopt in order to fight hunger in different circumstances. To collect, manage and analyse data, they use advanced technologies such as satellite imagery, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and mobile data collection platforms such as smart phones, tablets and Personal Digital Assistants.  

Food security analysts do a wide range of assessments in order to identify hungry and food insecure populations and to establish the underlying causes. Examples include 'baseline' assessments (also known as Comprehensive Food Security and Vulnerability Analyses - CFSVAs), emergency assessments (EFSAs) and market analyses.

For continuous monitoring of food security conditions and market prices, WFP is increasingly working with partners to establish Food Security Monitoring Systems (FSMS). Bulletins, reports, and analyses generated from all of these activities are public and can be downloaded from the Food Security Analysis Assessment Bank.

VAM's guidelines and references, provide the humanitarian community with up-to-date guidance, tools and tips to assess needs in different contexts. 


You can learn more about WFP's food security analysis work by downloading the Food Security Analysis Factsheet. It also contains information about related partnerships such as the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC), and the FAO-WFP joint strategy on information systems (ISFNS).