What is the Immediate Response Account?

The Immediate Response Account (IRA) is WFP’s life-saving funding facility, which allows WFP to rapidly respond to emergencies. IRA-financed assistance can be deployed within 24 hours of the onset of a crisis.

What is the importance of the IRA?

Contributions to the IRA have the highest degree of flexibility and are non–earmarked. This allows WFP’s executive leadership to identify priority operations. As it consists of multilateral funding, the IRA reinforces the principles of timeliness, predictability and flexibility.

IRA Donors*

All Donors in 2019 as at 07/02/201918,290

IRA Allocations

Papua New Guinea221,674
Tanzania, United Republic of191,904
East/Centr Africa Bureau99,322
Congo (Democratic Republic of the)-139,122
All Allocations in 2019 as at 07/02/2019373,778

* In addition to donors who contribute directly to the IRA, WFP also depends on multilateral funds for the IRA. Please see the Multilateral Funding page for more information on multilateral donors.