Dossier: Global Food Crisis In Depth

Dossier: Global Food Crisis In Depth
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As the global economic crisis deepens, hunger and malnutrition are likely to increase. Reduced incomes and higher unemployment mean the purchasing power of the poor diminishes. Already, more and more people are finding food is out of reach.

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What do experts think about the global food crisis and the economic crisis that is intersecting with it? Here are four perspectives: 

Josette Sheeran

The financial crisis is hitting the world’s hungry hard because their budget for food is shrinking, says WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran. 

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Howard Buffett

Howard G. Buffett, WFP Ambassador against Hunger, sees the global financial crisis as the worst possible scenario for the world's poor and hungry.

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Alex Evans

How can we achieve global food security in the 21st century? Alex Evans, a leading expert on international affairs at New York University, has one answer. 

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Dr Peter Timmer

Financial speculation in food commodities is the new element that makes the latest food crisis different, says an economic historian with four decades of experience in analysing prices.

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Impact on the ground

What is the effect of higher prices and financial turmoil on the world's poorest people? Here are some viewpoints from around the world:

Ghana: Selling Off Livelihoods

WFP Food Monitor Prosper Dakurah describes how one woman at a market in Ghana tried to deal with high food prices – by selling her potential livelihood.

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Senegal: "We have to skip meals"

Coumba Ba began to feel the effects of higher food prices in 2007, following a bad harvest. Today, her family must often skip a meal. When all else fails, they must sell a goat.

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Tajikistan: No Harvest, No Food, No School

"Our family relies on assistance from relatives. Most of the days we have only one meal," says one woman whose family has been hit by severe financial woes. WFP assistance has arrived in January. 


Guatemala: Cash From Abroad Dwindles

Eighteen months ago Juan Coj Soc’s son left his poverty-stricken community in Guatemala and found work in California. For a time he sent money home regularly and all seemed well. Then the economic crisis started to bite...