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  • 18/05/2016 — Crop Production SHOTLIST (PDF)

    El Nino Devastates Zimbabwe's Harvest, WFP Using Satellites to Mitigate Effects of Drought (For the Media)

    Zimbabwe is one of a number of countries in southern Africa that has declared a drought disaster this year due to the impact of a strong El Nino weather event which meant reduced rainfall for much of southern Africa late last year and during the early months of this year - the same period as the growing season in the region. In partnership with the European Space Agency, WFP is using data from Sentinel-2  to monitor the effects of climactic changes in agricultural and pastoral areas . This will help WFP plan and respond to climactic events and conditions that can cause poor harvests and hunger. Designed as a two-satellite mission, Sentinel-2 is providing imagery on a five-day revisit cycle. Sentinel 2 is a polar-orbiting, multispectral high-resolution imaging mission for land monitoring to provide, for example, imagery of vegetation, soil and water cover, inland waterways and coastal areas. Its camera sensor has been designed to detect very specific wavelengths of light that detail the health of plants.

  • 13/12/2013 — Crop Production

    Unlocked Credit Lines Allow Poor Tanzanian Farmers To Invest In Vineyard

    In Dodoma, Tanzania, a group of poor smallholder farmers is planting grapes and setting up a vineyard in a bid to pull themselves out of poverty. It's a project they hope will ensure they and their families have an income for the next 30 years. To get started, they needed advance financing and credit to buy tools and fertilisers. WFP, IFAD and FAO have been working together to help them get this credit, encouraging the sort of 'financial inclusion' that is key to ensuring long-term food security in the region.

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