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European Union And World Food Programme Sign Agreement To Enhance Food And Nutrition In Guinea-Bissau

On 28 February 2014, in Bissau, Ambassador Joaquín González-Ducay, Head of the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Guinea-Bissau, and Mr. Ussama Osman, Country Director and Representative of the World Food Programme (WFP), participated in a signing ceremony to recognize a contribution agreement for the amount of 5 million Euro (about USD 6.8 million) in the framework of the implementation of the programme "Integrated Actions in Nutrition and Agricultural Development" (UE-AINDA).

"The European Union’s contribution is timely, given that the cashew campaign is at risk again in 2014, and almost all Guinean families depend on income from cashew nuts for their livelihood," said WFP Representative, Ussama Osman. "Decreased revenues will have an impact on the ability of small producers to purchase food."

The contribution from the European Union will be used by WFP to provide food during three years to about 56,000 beneficiaries, mainly malnourished children, pregnant and nursing women, tuberculosis patients and their families countrywide.

In addition to providing food to the poor and vulnerable, the European Union will fund an effective monitoring system and an early warning mechanism for food crises. Activities will be conducted in partnership with Non-Governmental Organizations, Community-Based Organizations and partners of the Food Security and Nutrition Group (GSAN) of Guinea-Bissau.

Ambassador Gonzalez-Ducay concluded by highlighting that "the eradication of hunger is an essential element in the fight against poverty, which lies at the foundation of the strategy of the European Union for development. The decision to establish the UE-AINDA programme, which will address both hunger and poverty, and to entrust the execution of a key component to WFP is another example of the continuing commitment of the European Union towards the people of Guinea-Bissau."

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