Iraq emergency


  • Alaa Bahar, an Iraqi Humanitarian

    14/09/2015 — Iraq emergency

    Once an internally displaced person (IDP) herself, Alaa knows first-hand what goes through the heads of more than three million people displaced across Iraq. 

  • School Feeding Gives Iraqi Children Hope For A Better Future

    Marshland - Iraq

    16/04/2015 — Iraq emergency

    WFP is providing school meals in Thi Qar, one of Iraq's most disadvantaged governorates, until the end of May 2015. Improving health and education is a priority for the governorate and daily school meals give

  • A Cold Christmas For Iraqi Christians

    A Cold Christmas for Iraqi Christians image

    22/12/2014 — Iraq emergency

    When fighters captured Qaraqosh town in the heat of early August, Basseema had little time to think ahead to winter. Like thousands of other Iraqi Christians who fled the violence, carrying nothing to help them

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  • 23/03/2017 — Iraq emergency

    People Fleeing Mosul

    Tens of thousands of people arrive daily at the Hamman Al Alil Screening Centre. They are walking out of West #Mosul to safety. WPF is providing ready-to-eat food & monthly rations, but to continue assistance, funding is desperately needed.

  • 22/03/2017 — Iraq emergency SHOTLIST (PDF)

    New WFP Video/Photos from Iraq Shows People Fleeing Western Mosul (For the Media)

    WFP is extremely concerned about an estimated 700,000 people still trapped in the western part of Mosul. WFP calls on all parties to the conflict to facilitate safe access to all those in need. Families from western Mosul began to arrive at camps six days after the offensive started. Since then, an average of 4,500 people have fled this part of the city every day, with the number of people arriving at screening centres and camps rapidly increasing. Since the start of the initial Mosul offensive in October 2016, WFP has provided ready-to-eat food for over 1.3 million people from eastern Mosul and the Mosul corridor. This includes families in camps and those remaining in their homes.

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  • WFP Year in Review 2016

    WFP Year in Review 2016
    The Year in Review describes WFP’s actions and achievements in serving people’s emergency, recovery and development needs in 2016. It covers WFP’s provision of vital,...

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