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Japan Contributes US$1.6 Million To Support WFP Operations In Guinea

CONAKRY – The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) today welcomed a new contribution of US$1.6 million from the Government of Japan to support operations in Guinea.

Thanks to this contribution, WFP will be able to provide vital food and nutrition assistance to thousands of people at risk of malnutrition and food insecurity in the country. "We are very grateful for Japan’s commitment to providing continued support to the most vulnerable people," said Elisabeth Faure, WFP Representative in Guinea.

The donation will be used to finance activities in WFP’s Country Programme and Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation in all four regions of Guinea.

WFP plans to distribute 460 tons of food to 5,500 people who have suffered of ethnic conflict and 5,500 people affected by flooding over three months. The funding will also provide approximately 100,000 hot meals to school children and take-home rations of vegetable oil for 10,000 girls in their last year of primary school to encourage them to remain in school.

Another 14,100 people will receive assistance under WFP’s nutrition programme, which provides nutritional support for children aged 6 to 59 months and pregnant and nursing women.

The contribution will also fund Food-for-Work activities for 1,200 people living in rural areas,  as well as a Food-for-Assets project for 1,000 people to develop vegetable gardens and increase agricultural production.

WFP is also connecting local producers and school meal programmes, with a particular focus on women’s groups.

Strengthening the resilience of communities is an essential part of WFP's work in Guinea, and WFP activities are oriented towards women, children, small-scale producers and vulnerable communities.

In recent years, Japan has supported a number of WFP programmes in Guinea through regular contributions, including US$4 million in 2013, US$2 million in 2012, US$1 million in 2011 and US$5.8 million in 2010.