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  • 23/01/2018 — Mali

    Food Assistance For Assets: Ending Hunger and Building Resilience

    In more than 50 countries, WFP’s Food Assistance for Assets programme works with people in fragile and degraded landscapes to address their immediate food needs while also promoting the building or rehabilitation of assets—from water ponds to community gardens to roads—to improve their resilience and access to food. 

  • 28/10/2014 — Mali SHOTLIST (PDF)

    WFP Uses its Logistics Expertise to Build Ebola Treatment Units (For the Media)

    Speed is of the essence right now, and the entire humanitarian community is working around the clock to get on top of this crisis. WFP is using its logistics expertise to build Ebola Treatment Units, to transport huge amounts of cargo into the affected countries and then, once it’s here, making sure its stored, managed properly so it can be sent out to remote areas where is really needed. The spread of Ebola is disrupting food trade and markets not just in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia but also the surrounding region. Many families have already seen their livelihoods affected. WFP is working to make sure that this health crisis does not become a food and nutrition crisis as well. 

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  • Mali - Enquête Nationale sur la Sécurité Alimentaire et Nutritionnelle (ENSAN Mali), Septembre 2018

    Mali - Enquête Nationale sur la Sécurité Alimentaire et Nutritionnelle (ENSAN Mali), Septembre 2018
    Le Système d’Alerte Précoce du Mali en Collaboration avec le PAM, la FAO, le FEWS NET et les ONG du Cluster sécurité alimentaire ont réalisé...
  • The Market Monitor

    The Market Monitor
    This bulletin provides information on price changes for the most commonly consumed staples and their potential impacts on the cost of the basic food basket. ...
  • Mali - Bulletin Marché, 2018

    Mali - Bulletin Marché, 2018
    Ce bulletin présente les tendances des prix des céréales sèches, la disponibilité et l’offre en céréales sur les marchés, le coût du panier alimentaire et...
  • Seasonal Monitor

    The WFP Seasonal Monitor examines satellite imagery of rainfall and vegetation in order to assess the development of the growing season and how such conditions might impact the lives and livelihoods of the...

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