Nepal earthquake


  • Nepal: Cold And Hungry At The Roof-Of-The-World

    30/12/2015 — Nepal earthquake

    In Nepal,  still reeling from a devastating earthquake in April 2015, a dispute over the contents of the country’s new constitution has caused a months long closure of border points with India.  This story explores how it

  • Nepal: Rebuilding Lives and Livelihoods After Quake Devastation

    03/08/2015 — Nepal earthquake

    The World Food Programme (WFP) is helping families to get back on their feet and rebuild their destroyed communities through emergency employment schemes. 

  • Helping Nepal Rebuild: The Hard Work Is Only Beginning

    OpEd Richard Nepal

    25/06/2015 — Nepal earthquake

    Two months after the Nepal earthquake hit, the emergency phase is set to end in coming weeks. This critical crossroads means that The World Food Programme (WFP) and the Nepal government’s focus has now shifted

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  • 23/06/2015 — Nepal earthquake SHOTLIST (PDF)

    WFP Warns Lack of Funds Puts Nepal on Steep Path to Recovery (For the Media)

    Two months after the earthquake, the United Nations World Food Programme warned that it is running out of funds to provide essential logistics services to the humanitarian community and to implement early recovery activities and nutritional support for women and children. WFP currently has a funding shortfall of US$74 million for its earthquake response operations in Nepal until the end of the year. WFP’s focus is now shifting to Nepal’s early recovery. Providing cash to families for clearing debris means they can buy food and markets are revitalized. Employing porters to deliver relief items and fix trails supports livelihoods and opens tourism routes. With the World Health Organization, we’re building 50 temporary health clinics to kick-start access to health services.   

  • 15/06/2015 — Nepal earthquake SHOTLIST (PDF)

    UN World Food Programme Airlifts Child Monks in Nepal (For the Media)

    At the request of Nepalese authorities, the World Food Programme has transported 60 children and their caretakers from a monastic school (known as a gompa) in Lho, Gorkha that was cut off from the world by the April and May earthquakes. Lho is a small Himalayas village near the border with Tibet. The monastery, dormitories and kitchen were badly damaged by the 25 April earthquake and the 12 May quake destroyed the telecommunications tower and caused landslides that made the trail to the village impassable. A WFP MI8 helicopter was used to evacuate the children, and on each rotation it carried in shelter materials so those remaining at the monastery could make repairs. The helicopter is part of the common logistics services that WFP provides to the wider humanitarian community responding to the earthquake disaster. Text transcript of this video

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