Six in Ten Homes Go Hungry in Chadian Sahel

Published on 24 June 2010

N’DJAMENA – The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is using the results of an Emergency Food Security Assessment to ensure food gets to those who need it most in drought-hit areas of the Chadian Sahel.

The assessment found that six households in ten are struggling to get access to food as a result of drought and their plight continues to worsen.

The study, conducted by WFP and the Government of Chad in March 2010, estimates the number of people categorised as “food insecure” at 1.6 million in the country’s six western Sahelian regions.

“WFP is using this latest study to target its food assistance to the most vulnerable people in the hardest-hit areas of the Sahel,” said WFP Chad Country Director Jean-Luc Siblot.  “The results of the assessment are in line with all recent studies conducted in the region which indicate alarming global acute malnutrition rates, especially among children. The study also shows the situation is further deteriorating,” he said.

WFP started general food distributions in early June in three western regions and is planning to cover another three until July, with a planned 604,000 recipients in total. It is also currently assisting pregnant women, nursing mothers and moderately malnourished children and planning livelihood support activities.

WFP is appealing to donors to increase their contributions to the operation which has so far only managed to secure US$42.1 million out of the US$65.4 million needed. These funds allow WFP to continue nutritional activities particularly for malnourished children until the end of the year in addition to other planned activities.

Through its other operations, WFP has started general food distributions to a planned 247,000 victims of drought in Eastern Chad. In South-eastern Chad, it is planning to start distributions to 125,000 people in July.


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