Statement By WFP Executive Director, Josette Sheeran, On Nutrition

Published on 23 September 2009

The world of nutrition is evolving. We now know that the effects of under-nutrition are irreversible if a child under two years-old does not receive enough nutritious food. This makes it nearly criminal for the entire world not to act together to counter it.

We need to be sure we do not lose an entire generation of children whose brains are smaller than they should be because of under-nutrition.

There are four steps that we must focus on:

  • Leaders of countries should declare, “not on my watch,” and implement programmes to fight under-nutrition;
  • We must invest in nutrition technology and delivery mechanisms in poor countries;
  • We must  harness the skills and expertise of the public health community to establish the most cost-effective interventions;
  • We must partner with the private sector and NGOs and work together to address under-nutrition among children.

WFP has adopted a new strategy that reformulates our entire approach to nutrition. We will prioritise children under two and pregnant and lactating mothers. This is a revolution in the way we do business.


"We can solve this"

See what Josette Sheeran said in her speech at the 'Call to Action on Nutrition' Forum in New York on Tuesday, September 22.

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