News Releases

Official statements announcing key developments in WFP operations and activities.

31 May 2006

Belgium first country to donate to WFP's earthquake relief in Indonesia

WFP has welcomed a donation of EURO 500,000 from Belgium - confirmed by the Minister of Development Cooperation, Mr. Armand De Decker - to fund emergency food rations for the survivors of Saturday’s massive earthquake in Yogyakarta Province, Indonesia.
31 May 2006

Historic humanitarian helicopter service ends in Pakistan

The largest humanitarian helicopter operation ever organised by the United Nations ended today after having successfully transported nearly 30,000 tonnes of aid supplies and tens of thousands of aid workers and other passengers to the Pakistan-administered parts of Kashmir struck by a devastating earthquake eight months ago.
30 May 2006

Unilever and WFP Join Forces in Child Hunger fight

Unilever and WFP have announced a new partnership in the fight against child hunger.
29 May 2006

New donations boost rations in Darfur but more contributions needed for Sudan

WFP has announced that food aid rations – recently reduced by half for more than three million people in Sudan – would be increased to 84 percent in energy content from June to September in Darfur, thanks to the latest donations towards WFP’s emergency operation.
28 May 2006

First emergency food arrives for Indonesia earthquake victims

WFP begins distributing emergency food rations to survivors of the devastating earthquake in Indonesia, just 36 hours after the earthquake struck.

26 May 2006

CAR: Funding urged as crisis deepens

As insecurity in Chad continues to make international headlines, WFP has urged the international community not to lose sight of the suffering of as many as 50,000 displaced people in the troubled northwest region of neighbouring Central African Republic.
25 May 2006

WFP chief urges Congress to give world's poorest children top priority

WFP Executive Director, James Morris, urges United States Congress Members to make the world’s poorest children their top priority when deciding foreign aid, describing it as a significant “investment” to head off major humanitarian emergencies.
24 May 2006

Millions of Afghan's face bleak winter without food aid

Due to a critical shortage of funds and resources, WFP will soon be forced to abandon plans to provide around 2.7 million of the poorest and most vulnerable Afghans with vital food aid to help them through the winter.
22 May 2006

Global walk: a triumphant step against child hunger

On Sunday 21 May, more than 760,000 people in 118 countries and 420 locations, across 24 time zones, participated in Fight Hunger: Walk the World.
19 May 2006

May 21: Global walk against child hunger

WFP and its partners are mobilising hundreds of thousands of people worldwide to walk together on 21 May to call for an end to child hunger.


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