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Official statements announcing key developments in WFP operations and activities.

20 July 2006

China emerges as world's third largest food aid donor

In the same year it stopped receiving food aid from WFP, China emerged as the world’s third largest food aid donor in 2005, according to the latest annual Food Aid Monitor from INTERFAIS, the International Food Aid Information System.
20 July 2006

Displaced in Lebanon find it increasingly hard to meet food needs

With the crisis in Lebanon escalating, WFP said today that hundreds of thousands of displaced people are finding it increasingly difficult to obtain food and other essentials.
20 July 2006

Food aid reaches Java earthquake and tsunami victims

Working in close cooperation with Indonesian authorities, WFP has rapidly responded to the immediate needs of persons affected by the July 17 earthquake and tsunami in West Java.
19 July 2006

Food aid running out for millions of Kenyans in need

WFP warns that it isrunning out of emergency food aid for millions of people in Kenya made destitute by drought and appeals for urgent new contributions to prevent malnutrition rates rising as the long dry season sets in.
14 July 2006

Food aid programme launched to help Mindanao peace

WFP this week launched an aid operation to support a critical peace initiative in war-ravaged Mindanao in southern Philippines.
11 July 2006

WFP chief tells Italian deputies: ending hunger is critical to development

In an address to the Foreign Affairs Commission of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, WFP’s Executive Director, James Morris, has said that globalisation is an economic and social reality that must be managed if it is to become an effective tool to fight hunger.
11 July 2006

WFP welcomes appointment of Josette Sheeran as Executive Director

After full consultation with WFP Executive Board at a special session attended by all its 36 members and most other member states, the President of the Board, Ambassador Mirza Qamar Beg of Pakistan, announced that the UN Secretary-General and FAO Director-General intend to appoint Josette Sheeran as WFP’s Executive Director, with the concurrence of the Board.
9 July 2006

WFP chief visits Lebanon - food needs being met as normal life slowly resumes

The Executive Director of WFP, James Morris, who is currently visiting Lebanon, has travelled south to see for himself the impact of the war on a town badly damaged by bombing and to review the needs of the people as they rebuild their lives after nearly five weeks of conflict.
6 July 2006

WFP needs steady funding to bolster lives and peace in Sudan

WFP Executive Director James Morris has warned that a shortage of steady and timely funding for food aid to Sudan risks increasing malnutrition among millions of people and threatened pacts to end conflicts in the South and western region of Darfur.
6 July 2006

WFP to provide urgently needed food aid to 100,000 in Timor Leste

WFP will provide food aid to 100,000 people in Timor Leste over the next six months at a cost of US$5.2 million to help avert a humanitarian crisis caused by political unrest and violence.


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