News Releases

Official statements announcing key developments in WFP operations and activities.

31 August 2006

WFP food distributed in Beirut's battered southern suburbs

Municipal workers have distributed food rations from the WFP to vulnerable families in Beirut’s southern suburbs where thousands of homes were damaged or destroyed in 33 days of conflict between Israel and Hizbollah.
28 August 2006

WFP warns of deteriorating humanitarian situation in Gaza

Ahead of an international donor conference this week on the reconstruction of Lebanon in the Swedish capital, Stockholm, WFP has warned that the situation in Lebanon must not be allowed to overshadow the rapidly deteriorating living conditions of the people in Gaza.
25 August 2006

Targeted free food distributions begin as Niger's lean season bites

WFP together with the Government of Niger, will today begin targeted free distributions of staple foodstuffs to the most vulnerable people to ensure that they have enough food through this year’s ‘lean season’ currently underway.
22 August 2006

WFP says Ethiopia flooding far from over: 118,000 affected

With heavy rains continuing to pound much of Ethiopia, WFP has said that 118,000 people – with hundreds killed or missing – have been hit by devastating floods in the past month and warned that the numbers of displaced, homeless and severely affected could rise further.
18 August 2006

WFP to distribute aid to North Korea flood victims

North Korea has agreed to accept assistance from WFP for victims of recent floods in the country.
18 August 2006

WFP vows continuing support to Timor-Leste Government

A WFP official meeting with the Timor-Leste Prime Minister has confirmed the agency\'s commitment to the food security of people in the troubled country.
16 August 2006

HIV: Time to deliver more than drugs

Donor countries have poured billions of dollars into antiretrovirals and other medication to counter the growing impact of AIDS in Africa, Asia and Latin America with barely a thought to nutrition.
16 August 2006

Sudan again faces food ration cuts: will Darfur be put back on a diet?

WFP has urged the international community to help end the misery in the western Sudanese region of Darfur, where almost half a million people are now cut off from emergency food aid because of fighting and attacks.
16 August 2006

Thousands of Lebanese heading home from Syria get WFP food parcels

WFP has said that to facilitate the mass return of Lebanese who had taken refuge in Syria, it has been providing bread and biscuits to the thousands of people heading over the border back into Lebanon.
16 August 2006

WFP: lack of funds could sharply reduce aid deliveries in Lebanon

WFP warns that a severe shortage of funding for its logistics operation in Lebanon is threatening to halt the international aid effort to provide relief to hundreds of thousands of displaced people and appealed to the donor community for more cash contributions.


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