News Releases

Official statements announcing key developments in WFP operations and activities.

30 June 2005

WFP renews partnership with Japan ad council on campagn worth over US$30 million

Yokohama WFP welcomes the extension of its partnership with the Japan Advertising Council, through its prestigious public service announcement (PSA) campaign for another year.
29 June 2005

WFP lauds landmark Chinese aid shipment for Sri Lankan tsunami victims

Qingdao Port, China - WFP hails the departure from China of a ship carrying 270 tonnes of canned fish for Sri Lankan victims of last December\'s devastating tsunami as another milestone in China\'s emergence as a multilateral aid donor.
28 June 2005

As refugees still flee into Kenya, WFP appeals for donations

Geneva- With refugee numbers in Kenya failing to decline despite steps toward peace in Somalia and Sudan, WFP appeals for US$6.7 million to feed nearly a quarter of a million refugees in two northern Kenya camps until the end of 2005.
24 June 2005

WFP welcomes US humanitarian donation to North Korea

Washington, DC - WFP welcomes an announcement by the US government that it would donate 50,000 metric tons of agricultural commodities to the hungry in the Democratic People\'s Republic of Korea.
23 June 2005

Six months after the tsunami, WFP shifts gear from emergency rescue to recovery

Bangkok - Having launched one of the most complex emergency operations in its history, during which it delivered food, medicine and even helped evacuate the injured, WFP has shifted focus to long-term recovery.
22 June 2005

"Spare change" would make a huge different to hungry in Niger & Mali

Dakar - In advance of the international donor countries meeting for the G8 at Gleneagles, Scotland, WFP warns that less than US$10 million could tilt the balance from despair to hope for the most vulnerable victims of the current food crisis in two of the world\'s poorest countries: Niger and Mali.
21 June 2005

New initiative for world's leading advertisers to fight global hunger

Cannes - The One Less Entry Movement, a non-profit organisation working in the advertising industry, has launched a new initiative aimed at persuading leading advertisers competing at this year\'s Lions International Advertising Festival to donate the equivalent of a single entry fee to the world\'s hungry
20 June 2005

WFP sending emergency aid to storm-hit Afghan province

Kabul - WFP is providing emergency food aid to devastated communities in Afghanistan\'s northeastern province Badakshan, where a hailstorm and heavy flooding have so far killed an estimated 29 people, injured 40 and destroyed over 1,000 homes.
17 June 2005

WFP seeks to feed more than half Darfur's population

Khartoum - WFP says that up to 3.5 million people or more than half the entire population of western Sudan\'s Darfur region will need food aid at the height of the annual "hunger season" from August through the month of October.
13 June 2005

"What terrible thing do we have to do to get the government's attention"

Rome Africans have learned the grim lesson that it sometimes takes a natural or man-made catastrophe of cataclysmic proportions to highlight their plight. "What terrible things do we have to do to get the government\'s attention," says one man living in the war-torn province of South Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


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