News Releases

Official statements announcing key developments in WFP operations and activities.

26 May 2005

WFP forced to cut food aid in Burundi at critical stage of peace process

Bujumbura - A drastic shortage of funds will force WFP to begin to slash its food assistance to two million people in Burundi unless an additional US$23.4 million is received.
25 May 2005

UN calls for more action as southern Africa enters critical phase

Johannesburg - Three United Nations leaders call for the world to refocus its attention on the chronic problems and humanitarian needs of millions of people in southern Africa, especially children.
24 May 2005

HIV/AIDS and poor weather drive Zambians to the edge

Lusaka - HIV/AIDS and poor weather have combined to drive many Zambians already struggling to cope with chronic poverty, food insecurity and an ever increasing number of orphans to the limit, requiring a significant increase in international assistance over the year ahead, says James T. Morris, the UN Secretary General\'s Special Envoy for Humanitarian Needs in Southern Africa.
24 May 2005

WFP top official urges funding to avert disaster in Sudan

Paris/Rome - A top WFP official indicates that the crippling shortage of funds for the agency\'s operations in southern Sudan must be corrected urgently to avoid serious suffering for those who experienced famine in 1998 in Bahr El Ghazal, in which tens of thousands of people died.
19 May 2005

Caribbean delegates discuss ways of eradicating hunger

Panama At the request of the Government of Panama, WFP is supporting a two-day Regional Technical Consultation meeting to coordinate the agendas of the fight against hunger and malnutrition in Latin America and the Caribbean.
18 May 2005

UN Special Envoy returns to southern Africa as humanitarian needs escalate

Johannesburg - James T. Morris, the UN Secretary-General\'s Special Envoy for Humanitarian Needs in Southern Africa, starts his fifth trip to the region as southern Africa moves into yet another year of immense humanitarian need.
17 May 2005

Food supplies for two million refugees threatened by lack of donor support

Geneva - WFP warns that its operations caring for 2.2 million refugees globally are increasingly under-funded, bringing hardship and suffering to hundreds of thousands of people.
17 May 2005

India helps WFP feed Afghan schoolchildren

Kabul - WFP has welcomed another major food shipment from India as part of its pledge to donate one million metric tons of wheat to help feed schoolchildren in Afghanistan.
17 May 2005

WFP chief awarded honorary degree by top American university

Notre Dame, Indiana - The Executive Director of WFP, James Morris, has received a Doctorate of Laws honorary degree from the University of Notre Dame that recognized years of "outstanding service to the world community".
12 May 2005

Piracy forces WFP to use convoys to Somalia

Following a plague of piracy off the Horn of Africa that has closed its usual supply lines by sea, WFP announces the arrival in southern Somalia of the first truck convoy carrying food aid in almost five years.


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