News Releases

Official statements announcing key developments in WFP operations and activities.

4 April 2005

100 days after the tsunami, the number of natural disaster victims grows

Bangkok - One hundred days after the 26 December tsunami ripped through the Indian Ocean, WFP is back in emergency mode to get urgently needed relief to more than 200,000 victims of Indonesia\'s latest earthquake.
3 April 2005

WFP and Japan join forces for school feeding and human security

Yokohama WFP and the Government of Japan are forging a partnership to promote human security through school feeding.
31 March 2005

First cash donation to WFP from Sharjah to help poor in Myanmar

Dubai, UAE - WFP welcomes a US$1 million donation from the Sharjah government to finance food aid assistance in Myanmar, South-East Asia.
30 March 2005

Indonesia earthquake: WFP flies relief in, and wounded out

Jakarta - Less than 10 hours after the undersea earthquake struck off the western coast of Sumatra, WFP launched a major emergency response, using a dedicated fleet of aircraft to deliver emergency aid to the affected islands, while evacuating critically injured people.
26 March 2005

North Korea urgently needs more food aid, and fewer restrictions

Beijing - WFP will have to halt distributions to millions of hungry North Koreans within weeks unless fresh pledges are made soon, the agency warns, urging the Pyongyang government to facilitate vital donations by easing restrictions on the monitoring of aid.
25 March 2005

Three months after the tsunami, WFP delares hunger crisis averted

Bangkok Three months after the 26 December Indian Ocean tsunami, WFP declares that starvation and widespread malnutrition have been averted in the wake of one of history\'s worst natural disasters.
25 March 2005

WFP, World Bank to assist over one million pre-schoolers in Egypt

Washington DC In partnership with the World Bank, WFP signs an agreement to support its Early Childhood Education Enhancement Project (ECEEP). The US$108-million project is designed to increase access to more than one million children in kindergartens in 18 food-insecure governorates in Upper Egypt and North Sinai.
22 March 2005

Mali and Niger: Enough locusts "to bring Job to his knees"

Dakar - WFP is appealing for US$10 million to ensure the double ravages of drought and a locust invasion do not combine to destroy the livelihoods of over 800,000 vulnerable people living in Mali and Niger.
22 March 2005

Urgent WFP food aid to Afghans hit first by snow, then floods

Kabul - After weeks of hard work to provide food aid to Afghan communities cut off by snow, WFP is shifting gear to help Afghans facing floods created by melting snow and torrential rains, which have burst river banks, damaged roads and flooded villages in various parts of the country.
21 March 2005

In the wake of air hub closure and 'force of nature' benefit concert, WFP praises Malaysia for tsunami support

Kuala Lumpur - With the closure of the Humanitarian Air Hub at Subang air base this month, WFP pays tribute to the Government of Malaysia for its extraordinary support in the humanitarian response to the tsunami crisis.


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