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Official statements announcing key developments in WFP operations and activities.

18 January 2005

UN agencies call for immediate action to achieve millennium goals

Rome Three Rome-based UN agencies today called for immediate action by developed and developing countries to ensure that the goals of the 2000 Millennium Summit are achieved.
17 January 2005

Mauritania urgently needs food aid after locusts and drought

Nouakchott WFP appeals for immediate food aid for 400,000 people in Mauritania, where locusts and drought have obliterated agricultural production -- the cornerstone of families\' survival here.
17 January 2005

WFP chief praises Malaysia for tsunami relief support

Kuala Lumpur WFP Executive Director, James Morris, pays tribute to the Government of Malaysia for its extraordinary support to the humanitarian response to the tsunami crisis, in particular for its partnership with WFP in creating the Humanitarian Air Hub at Subang air base in Kuala Lumpur.
17 January 2005

WFP welcomes US$60 million donation from Japan to fellow Asians

Yokohama WFP welcomes "the most generous" contribution from the Government of Japan to WFP\'s emergency operation to assist people affected by the tsunami. The donation of US$60 million, confirmed today, is the largest single contribution made by a donor country to WFP\'s US$256 million emergency appeal, which incorporates emergency food aid and logistics support for six months.
16 January 2005

WFP concerned about malnourished children in Sri Lanka

Colombo WFP Executive-Director James Morris warns that the tsunami crisis in Sri Lanka has clearly made a "bad situation worse" for vulnerable families and children, and he is particularly concerned about its effect on malnourished children.
13 January 2005

Urgent funds needed to support war-ravaged West Africa

Dakar WFP urges international donors to reinforce humanitarian support to 1.5 million West Africans as they work to rebuild their countries, still reeling from over a decade of war.
13 January 2005

WFP looks to new EU member states to join battle against world hunger

Rome While countries worldwide are reacting with unprecedented generosity and support in the wake of a tsunami that left millions in Asia without food or shelter, WFP is calling on new European Union member states to join WFP in a campaign against world hunger especially among children during a two day meeting.
12 January 2005

WFP and Zimbabwe agree major food aid response

WFP welcomes the conclusion of an agreement with the Government of Zimbabwe on the delivery and distribution of food aid to millions of people in the country.
11 January 2005

WFP urges more funding to save lives in southern Africa

In a bid to boost contributions to its chronically under-funded operation in southern Africa, WFP has urged all countries, including traditional and non-traditional donors from the European Community as well as ...
8 January 2005

EU makes largest donation to WFP's new food aid project for poor Palestinians

Jerusalem The European Union has made the largest donation to WFP\'s new operation in the occupied Palestinian territory, giving €8 million (approx. US $10 million) to provide food assistance for almost half a million poor Palestinians.


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