News Releases

Official statements announcing key developments in WFP operations and activities.

13 December 2004

Italy's first commemorative Euro coin makes the cost of hunger count

Rome Italians were given a new way to count the cost of hunger on Monday when the Government dedicated its first commemorative Euro coin to WFP, as it began its fifth decade of delivering food aid to the world\'s hungry.
11 December 2004

20 facts you may not know about Global Hunger

London On the 20th anniversary of the Band Aid single, it is worth remembering that hunger and malnutrition remain the biggest risk to health around the world, more than AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined. The chorus line of the original Band Aid single recorded against the backdrop of the Ethiopian famine in 1984, was "Feed the World". That message is as important today as it was two decades ago.
11 December 2004

Saudi committee donates six million dollars for food aid to Palestinians

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia A Saudi Arabian relief organization donates US$6.32 million to help WFP provide food assistance to hundreds of thousands of impoverished Palestinians.
10 December 2004

Funding shortages force slash in food rations for displaced Azeris

Baku WFP said a shortage in funding is forcing it to cut desperately needed food rations to tens of thousands of impoverished Azeris displaced by the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict a decade ago.
8 December 2004

WFP aid for five million people ravaged by floods in Bangladesh

Dhaka - With the receding floodwaters in Bangladesh now revealing the full scale of the destruction in this South Asian nation, WFP announced today it is launching a year-long US$74 million operation to give food to five million people hardest hit by the disaster.
3 December 2004

Only peace can put an end to food crisis in DRC warns WFP's top official

Nairobi / Kinshasa Severe food shortages and malnutrition will continue to plague hundreds of thousands of people in the Democratic Republic of Congo unless insecurity comes to an end, warns Sheila Sisulu, the Deputy Executive Director of WFP.
30 November 2004

Soccer star Kaká puts the floodlights on global hunger

Milan Brazilian soccer star Kaká, whose astonishing performances at the age of 22 helped AC Milan win Italy\'s national championship last season, is appointed as WFP\'s youngest Ambassador Against Hunger.
30 November 2004

WFP and World Vision target schools to help keep children HIV/AIDS free

Rome In the lead up to World AIDS Day (1 December), the heads of WFP and World Vision joined forces to urge a massive increase in donor funds for school feeding -- a largely untapped yet effective way to attract children to school and stem HIV/AIDS infections among the young.
23 November 2004

Continued global support vital for West Africa

Dakar WFP said today that West Africa needs strong and consistent backing from the international community as the region tackles a range of challenges from drought and locusts to civil strife and destabilisation.
23 November 2004

North Korea has bigger harvest, but millions still need food aid

Pyongyang/Rome - Despite its best harvest in ten years, the Democratic People\'s Republic of Korea (DPRK) will post another substantial food deficit in 2005 and require external aid to support more than a quarter of its 23.7 million people, WFP and the FAO said in a joint press release.