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  • 13/02/2019 — Nutrition SHOTLIST (PDF)

    New Footage from Yemen Highlights WFP Alarm of a Generation Lost to Hunger (For the Media)

    In 2018 WFP reached 939,000 children under 5 and 670 000 pregnant and breastfeeding women (1.6 million people in total) to prevent acute malnutrition and treat moderate acute malnutrition (Jan-Dec). WFP is working on plans to scale up efforts to reach 620,000 children and 710,000 pregnant and breastfeeding women (1.33 million total) in January 2019 with lifesaving nutrition support. More than 1.2 million children went without treatment for acute malnutrition in 2017. Without adequate resources and safe access, we will be unable to reach children whose lives are at imminent risk.

  • 17/03/2017 — Nutrition

    #FightingFamine - Yemen

    As the poorest country in the region, Yemen has suffered from decades of chronic food insecurity, and the situation has deteriorated rapidly in the last two years due to the ongoing conflict.

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