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  • 23/01/2018 — Palestine, State of

    Food Assistance For Assets: Ending Hunger and Building Resilience

    In more than 50 countries, WFP’s Food Assistance for Assets programme works with people in fragile and degraded landscapes to address their immediate food needs while also promoting the building or rehabilitation of assets—from water ponds to community gardens to roads—to improve their resilience and access to food. 

  • 28/08/2014 — Palestine, State of

    WFP Trucks Deliver Food Assistance To Gaza Via Rafah Crossing

    For the first time since the blockade of Egypt’s Rafah crossing started in 2007, a WFP humanitarian convoy successfully crossed from Egypt into the Gaza Strip on Wednesday, Aug. 27.  “The trucks were carrying food parcels to feed 150 thousand people for more than five days,” Sune Kent of WFP Palestine stated, adding “it’s essential for the humanitarian community and for WFP to be able to continue to move food assistance in, through the Rafah corridor.” 

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