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  • 24/09/2018 — Refugees and IDPs SHOTLIST (PDF)

    Venezuelans Fleeing Hunger Across Borders Create a Regional Crisis (For the Media)

    Colombia is facing an unprecedented crisis as thousands of people from Venezuela continue to cross the border everyday due to lack of food, medicine, other basic needs and loss of livelihoods.  WFP is providing food assistance to the most vulnerable in Colombia and Ecuador, especially women and children, who access to basic services, face protection risks and do not know where their next meal is coming from.

  • 30/07/2018 — Refugees and IDPs SHOTLIST (PDF)

    Rare Video from the Frontlines of the Conflict in Yemen Shows Escalating Violence is Increasing Hunger, Displacement and Desperation (For the Media)

    The closure of Yemen’s ports (sea, land and airports) for nearly three weeks in November 2017 had a dramatic humanitarian impact. Within 24 hours, prices for food, fuel and water had soared. Since the end of the blockade, twelve WFP-chartered vessels have offloaded over 270,000 metric tons of wheat. Another WFP-chartered vessel carried four US-funded mobile cranes into Hodeidah port early this year. WFP and humanitarian partners need every road, bridge, port and airport to be able to deliver food and humanitarian aid to the millions of people in Yemen who need food, health and humanitarian assistance. Greater access to more people would speed up the delivery of humanitarian supplies to every area in the country where there are needs. We are ready to assist using our logistics expertise.

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