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Focus on Women
14 March 2013

SAFE Stoves In North Darfur: For Cooking And More

WFP's SAFE stoves project means a lot to women in Darfur's north where collecting firewood for cooking has always put women at risk. Displacement and conflict-related environmental degradation forced women to travel long distances in search for firewood spending days away from their children. Not anymore.

Food For Assets
14 February 2013

Education And An Income For Women In North Darfur

Umtoma Ahmad Mohammed is a Sudanese mother of five who married young and spent much of her life caring for her children. Umtoma has not spent a day in primary school. Now, she and her 15-year-old daughter are learning how to read and write. The two women are also learning how to make fuel-efficient stoves and fuel fire briquettes as well as gardening.

Preventing Hunger
2 January 2013

Sudan: Vouchers And New Skills Put Food On The Table

A refugee from Eritrea, Amna Mohamed has spent most of her life in eastern Sudan. A widow and mother of four, her life has never been easy. But it recently took a turn for the better with the help of a voucher programme that put food on the table while she learned how to embroider and make jewellery—skills that will help her provide for her family.

Aid professionals
8 November 2012

Darfur Women Graduate From Safe Stoves Project

A group of women in Darfur say they’re ready to move beyond food assistance thanks to a set of skills they’ve learned through a WFP-supported project that teaches women in the troubled region how to make their own fuel-efficient cook stoves.

5 April 2012

Courageous Sub-Office Team Evacuates Others, Then Returns To Battle Zone

"The longest 90 minutes of our lives,” was how one WFP staffer described the experience of driving his children and colleagues to safety through the Sudanese town of Kadugli, as gun battles raged on a summer day last year. The same staffer returned just hours later to help distribute food to frightened inhabitants

School Meals
28 September 2011

Sudan: School Meals Feed Displaced Child’s Hope Of Becoming Doctor

Enrollment at schools in Northern Darfur where kids get free meals from WFP rose substantially over the 2010-2011 school year, statistics show. One of the kids benefitting from the daily meal of nutritious porridge is Haythum, 12, whose family was displaced by conflict 4 years ago.

Purchase for Progress
1 June 2011

Small Farmers In South Sudan Take Bold Step Into Markets

One of the least developed regions on Earth, South Sudan is a tough place for small farmers to get ahead. But a few of them, like corn growers Paul and Angelo, have made the leap into commercial farming with the help of the Purchase-for-Progress pilot programme which works to help connect farmers to markets.

Cash and Vouchers
26 May 2011

Sudan: Camp Dwellers Welcome New Food Choices

Abdulla Adam Mussa and his family have spent the last seven years in a camp for displaced people in western Darfur. For most of that time, they’ve gotten by on food aid. But thanks to a new food vouchers scheme, they’ll be able to shop for their own food on local markets, allowing them more choice and a greater variety.

24 March 2011

Ex-Child Soldier Keeps Food Aid Moving In South Sudan

Not too long ago, Mark Diang was a child soldier in southern Sudan. Thankfully, he managed to leave that life behind and he now works for WFP as a security assistant. He recently received a special award from WFP for his critical role in negotiating safe passage for urgent food aid along a dangerous river route.

10 February 2011

South Sudan: Road Work Paves The Way To Future

As South Sudan moves towards independence and southerners look to build up business and commerce, traffic on the region’s roads is likely to get heavier. That makes the road rehabilitation work being carried out by WFP's logistics team more crucial than ever.


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