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20 May 2016

Food Revolution Day

WFP is supporting Food Revolution Day on Friday 20 May as a means of helping tackle child malnutrition. The day forms part of the wider Food Revolution – a global campaign run by the Jamie Oliver Foundation to inspire positive change in how people access, consume and understand food.

Responding to Emergencies
16 May 2016

Ecuador Earthquake One Month On: One Man's Story Of Loss And Of Determination

The 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck Ecuador a month ago had a devastating impact, with more than 650 people killed, 7,000 injured and more than 500,000 in need of humanitarian assistance. Among those affected was WFP's Jorge Arteaga, who lost three family members in the quake.

Here he describes the immediate aftermath of the disaster, WFP's response and how he has played his own part despite his personal loss.

16 May 2016

WFP Yemen Turns Challenges Into Green Opportunities

During times of emergencies, WFP must often use initiative to turn challenges into opportunities. The IT team in Yemen is doing just that so that WFP staff can safely work from home while supporting local authorities at the same time.

13 May 2016

10 Facts About Hunger In Tanzania

Help us raise awareness on the effects of hunger and malnutrition in Tanzania by sharing these ten facts.

Focus on Women
12 May 2016

In Guinea, WFP Supports Women Farmers to Produce more to Feed and Educate their Children

More than 17 percent of primary school-aged population in Guinea is not attending classes, three-quarters of them are girls. The main reasons include cultural beliefs, ignorance and poverty. To encourage parents to send their children to school and address rural poverty, WFP is implementing since 2015 a “Home-Grown School Feeding” pilot in 281 schools in Forest Guinea.  Funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), this initiative supports smallholder farmers particularly women to produce rice and fresh vegetables that are locally purchased and supplied to the schools to feed school children in most food insecure areas of the country.

11 May 2016

No Lost Generation – Students Uniting for Syrian Refugees

Not since World War II has mankind seen the level of human suffering as in Syria today. On May 23-24, the United Nations will convene the first-ever World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul, Turkey, to address what has been deemed the greatest humanitarian crisis of our lifetime and to develop a global call to action on crises around the world.

Cash and Vouchers
6 May 2016

COLOMBIA: Director of USAID Visits WFP’s Innovative Model to Strengthen Resilience in Wayuú Communities

In La Guajira, Wayúu communities are vulnerable to climatic events which impact their food and nutrition security. With the support of USAID, WFP is strengthening community resilience by recovering ancestral knowledge, making technology and agricultural practices more resistant to extreme weather, supporting integrated climate early warning systems and lastly, developing efficient community livelihood strategies and coping mechanisms.

3 May 2016

Adapting to climate change and ensuring food security in the highlands of Ecuador

Local communities in the highlands of Ecuador have felt the direct impact of climate change through the loss of agricultural yields, fishery and tourism. Rosa Maria Cacuango, a smallholder farmer, has directly faced this challenge. Lack of rainfall and frequent droughts led to food insecurity as well as loss of income among her community. But now, Rosa Maria is more resilient, thanks to the “Enhancing Resilience of Communities to the Adverse Effects of Climate Change on Food Security” or the FORECCSA project, implemented by the government with WFP’s support.

Cash and Vouchers
3 May 2016

Philippines: Farm-to-Market Road Provides Better Access for Rural Community

A new road built with the support of WFP helps farmers in a village in Lanao del Sur get their produce to market faster and cheaper.

2 May 2016

WFP’s Response to the Ecuador Earthquake in Photos

Following the earthquake that destroyed both lives and buildings, humanitarian response is arriving in Ecuador.


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