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13 April 2016

Honduras: Drought-affected Children Recover in Height and Weight Thanks to WFP-Fortified Nutritious Foods

Twenty three out of the 61 children registered at the health centre in the village of Ojo de Agua suffer from nutritional problems. In response, WFP and local authorities began three months ago the distribution of Super Cereal Plus, a fortified blended food, in the village located in the municipality of Santiago de Puringla in the Department of La Paz. 

School Meals
7 April 2016

Schools meals - a step towards zero hunger in The Gambia

School meals are a lifeline for more than 100,000 vulnerable children and their families across The Gambia. The European Union (E.U.) is one of the biggest supporters of WFP's school meals programme across the country.

Climate Change
6 April 2016

Colombia: WFP Launches Seed, Food and Fodder Banks in La Guajira to Alleviate Drought

WFP and the Cerrejón Guajira Indigenous Foundation have launched seed, food, and fodder banks in the communities of Jackutsira, Ishichon and Pesuapa, Colombia. 

Climate Change
6 April 2016

Honduras: Thousands of Drought-Hit Families Receive Food Assistance to Ensure Their Food Security

Santiago de Puringla is one of the 26 municipalities receiving support from the UN World Food Programme (WFP) and the Government of Honduras, through the Commission for the Prevention of Contingencies (COPECO), thanks to the financial support from the Embassy of the United States of America in Honduras which has contributed 75 percent of the funds received to serve drought-affected families.

5 April 2016

Stunting Prevention Makes an Impact in Zimbabwe

A joint prevention of stunting programme - combining the work of WFP, UN sister agencies, the Government of Zimbabwe, non-governmental partners and local communities - is helping children in Zimbabwe reap the long-term benefits of a healthy start to life.

Disaster Risk Reduction
4 April 2016

Diary of an Exchange to Promote Learning on Food Sustainability

A Cuban team participated in a one-week visit to El Salvador for a knowledge exchange on how to link social protection programmes to local smallholder agriculture production. Cooperative’s managers and farmers, national and local government decision makers, representatives of the state agriculture company and WFP staff were able to learn about an efficient and sustainable management model in both the areas of agricultural production and food-based social safety nets. El Salvador is considered a good example of WFP’s collaboration with the government to achieve an effective food security management model.

24 March 2016

From Startup to South by Southwest - A Student’s Perspective

Share the Meal, the app founded by WFP, is making waves. Lauded by media outlets from MTV to BuzzFeed to Vice for taking an innovative approach to solving hunger and named by Google as one of the best apps of 2015, Share the Meal recently won an Interactive Innovation Award at the 2016 South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin, Texas.

School Meals
24 March 2016

School Meals Fight Hunger And Promote Learning In Namibia

Namibia, like most countries in Southern Africa, is fighting its worst drought in more than 35 years. A quarter of the population already relies on government food assistance with yet another poor harvest looming. The government's school feeding programme, run with technical support from the World Food Programme, is an essential food safety net for children from the most vulnerable communities like Mariental, in the heart of one of the driest parts of the country.

Cash and Vouchers
24 March 2016

WFP Cash Assists Thousands Hit By El Niño Drought In Lesotho

Hundreds of thousands of people are facing hunger as an El Niño-related drought takes its toll in Lesotho. To reduce its impact, WFP is giving money to the most vulnerable families in two of the worst-affected districts.

Disaster Risk Reduction
23 March 2016

Philippines: Meet the All-Women Emergency Response Team of Cotabato City

The members of the All-Ladies Emergency Response Team are breaking gender stereotypes as they train to be one of the first all-female emergency response teams in the Philippines. The World Food Programme (WFP) and private sector partner Yum! are helping empower these women so they are fully prepared to respond to emergencies.


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