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18 March 2016

Bridging the Gap in Malawi

With funding from Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency and in partnership with the Swedish Civil Contingency Agency (MSB) and Malawi’s Ministry of Transport and Public Works, WFP is constructing three bailey bridges in Malawi – the first of which has just opened on the Msuwazi river

Focus on Women
17 March 2016

Guatemala: Women’s Participation, the Key for Rural Economic Development

UN Women, FAO, IFAD and WFP will implement a programme to promote the economic empowerment of 1,200 rural women and their families in the Polochic Valley. In Alta Verapaz, where the valley is located, more than 78 percent of people live in poverty, and more than 37 percent live in extreme poverty. The prevalence of stunting is 56 percent.

Cash and Vouchers
14 March 2016

In Uganda, WFP And Donors Give Refugees More Control And Choice

WFP in Uganda uses two methods to provide food assistance to refugees who have been in the country for longer periods of time: cash or food, depending on what they choose. Both methods, funded in 2015 by Canada, the European Commission, France, Ireland, the United Kingdom and the United States, are helping to meet the food and nutrition needs of refugees.

14 March 2016

10 Facts About Hunger In Syria

Here are 10 facts about hunger in Syria, where the World Food Programme (WFP) has its largest and most complex operation worldwide. Please help WFP raise awareness by sharing these facts on Twitter.

14 March 2016

By Any Means Necessary: 5 Ways WFP Supports Syrians

One of the worst humanitarian crises in the world, the Syria conflict is moving into its sixth year. From the onset, the World Food Programme (WFP) has been on the frontlines, at the borders and in the neighbouring countries doing whatever it takes to deliver food to the millions who need it. Read on to learn more about how we do it.

Cash and Vouchers
8 March 2016

The Malawi Guide to Role Modelling in Girls' Education

One way that WFP contributes to gender equality is through helping women and girls achieve their ambitions. In Malawi’s southern district of Mangochi, Hajira shares her aspirations, explaining how WFP and her teacher are helping keep her in school.

8 March 2016

10 Facts About Women In The World

Happy International Women's Day! Gender equality is a crucial step towards zero hunger. Make a start and share these important facts today.

7 March 2016

Building A Future For Women In South Sudan

“It’s hard to be a woman here,” Dimanche, a World Food Programme (WFP) Field Monitoring Assistant, tells me. She has been counselling a group of women whose experiences bear witness to the horrific realities of the South Sudan conflict.

7 March 2016

The Junior Professional Officer Experience at WFP: Kaisa Antikainen JPO from Finland

Kaisa Antikainen, Information and Communications Officer, shares her experience and insight as a JPO of Findland for WFP.

7 March 2016

WFP in Bangladesh: Helping Women Take Control of Their Lives

On the occasion of the 2016 International Women’s Day, we highlight how a food security project empowers women and challenges traditional gender roles – crucial steps for any country to attain gender equality by 2030 as agreed in SDG 5. 


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