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Food For Assets
10 May 2008

WFP helps Sudanese villagers with water supply

The lives of Marayam and other women in her village have improved enormously since WFP helped the villagers excavate a nearby “haffir” – a traditional hand-dug reservoir which collects rain and holds up to 12,000 cubic metres of clean water.
11 December 2007

Hungers global hotspots: 4 December 2007

Countries where violence persists and populations live in fear. People in Hunger's Global Hotspots don't know what tomorrow will bring and they often have to rely on WFP for their next meal.
26 October 2007

WFP hopes that Darfur peace talks will halt road banditry

Attacks on convoys are always a big threat in Darfur and pose a serious risk to WFP during its Sudan operations. The humanitarian community is hoping peace talks in Libya which are set for 27th October will make it safer to provide assistance to the poor and hungry relying on their help.
28 September 2007

WFP welcomes vital USA assistance to crises in Africa, Asia and Latin America

WFP has welcomed US government contributions in September totaling US$110.7 million for the hungry poor in 11 countries from Latin America to Asia. Nearly half the resources were targeted to Sudan, home to WFP’s single-largest operation in the world.
19 September 2007

Floods across sub-Saharan Africa hit 1.5 million people

From West to East, some 1.5 million people have been caught in Africa's worst floods in decades. Use our quick guide to see how WFP is responding, region by region, country by country.

7 September 2007

Nick Farr-Jones editorial: Rugby can tackle world hunger

Rugby-World-Cup-winning captain Nick Farr-Jones describes how sports people around the world should have a natural empathy towards hungry people caught up in the world's humanitarian crises. This editorial first appeared in the South China Morning Post
31 August 2007

Major US donations welcomed for hungry poor in Africa and Asia

WFP hs welcomed major US government contributions for August totaling US$69 million, aimed at feeding people in seven countries confronting humanitarian challenges ranging from severe drought to civil conflict.
10 August 2007

Refugee to rapper: an interview with Emanuel Jal

Emmanuel Jal's rise from refugee status to world-renowed rapper is an inspiration to African children. In this exclusive interview with WFP's Jennifer Mizgata, the former child soldier from southern Sudan explains why education holds the key to unlocking the potential of the world's poor and hungry people.

1 August 2007

Large new contribution to WFP reaffirms Japan's growing commitment to Africa

WFP thanked Japan for a generous US$26 million donation from the Government of Japan to assist millions of vulnerable people affected by conflict and natural disasters in seven countries, mainly in Africa.
25 July 2007

Race to position food in CAR for Darfurian refugees

Refugees fleeing Darfur are moving across the border into Central African Republic opening another front in the complex and deadly crisis, WFP spokesperson Marcus Prior reports.


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