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Focus on Women
16 July 2014

C.A.R. Refugee: ‘How My Life Has Changed’

Fatimatou Djara is one of over 100,000 people who have arrived in Cameroon this year, fleeing the vicious bloodletting in the Central African Republic.  She and her three children receive food from WFP every month. In this interview, she explains some of the changes that life as a refugee brings.

16 July 2014

Guatemala: 2,000 Women Receive Cash to Help Ease the Impact of the Coffee Rust Crisis

The coffee rust continues to affect the livelihoods of families in Guatemala. As a result, WFP and the Government of Guatemala launched a Cash for Assets pilot programme to help ease the impact of the crisis. Armida Zapet, one of the beneficiaries of this programme, along with her family are one among hundreds of families affected by the coffee rust in Guatemala- this is her story.

15 July 2014

C.A.R : Two families and the stream that separates them

The little town of Boda, west of Bangui, has seen a lot of violence over the past months. Things are calmer now, but two communities still live apart from each other, living by the stream that separates them. WFP assists both communities and supports the resumption of agricultural activities

15 July 2014

Dispatches from C.A.R. Episode 1: 'Welcome to Pretty Bangui'

July 2014, Central African Republic - While violence and displacement of people remain the daily routine, our colleague in Bangui, Donaig Le Du, shares her impressions from the field. Read her diaries and try to get a sense of what it's like to live and work in C.A.R. during these dramatic days. Here's the first episode of a series describing her first encounter with the capital, Bangui.

Responding to Emergencies
14 July 2014

Home Away From Home: Building Hope At Zaatari Camp

Abdel Sattar Rifai arrived at Zaatari refugee camp in northern Jordan in mid-2012, following a precarious 12-hour journey by foot from his home city of Dara’a in Syria to the Jordanian borders where he and hundreds of other refugees fled from violence in their hometowns.

11 July 2014

Fighting Malaria In Zambia With Your Cellphone

WFP has been contracted by the United Nations Development Programme through the Global Fund to distribute 4.8 million mosquito nets to 980 health centres across the country.

Responding to Emergencies
11 July 2014

Food for Work: "Helping Bolivians Stand and Walk Once More"

With the waters receding, families affected by the floods in Bolivia have entered the recovery phase, which starts with the rehabilitation of their communities. Currently, 500 communities in Bolivia are active participants in the ‘Food for Work’ programme which rebuilds homes, schools, roads and agricultural land throughout their communities, in exchange for food.

11 July 2014

Freedom Through Food In Zimbabwe

When you’re in good health and have ready access to food, you tend not to give it much thought. But when you don’t, then you realize you’re in trouble – and the worry can consume you. Through WFP’s Health and Nutrition programme, thousands of families are once again able to start living without constantly worrying about these basics.

School Meals
10 July 2014

Honduras: Zero Hunger National Drawing Challenge

The First Lady of Honduras, Ana de Hernández, World Food Programme Representative to Honduras, Pasqualina Di Sirio, BANPAIS* representative, Nidia Manzanares, and Minister of Education, Marlon Escoto, revealed the winners of the Reto Hambre Cero: un mundo sin hambre (Zero Hunger Challenge: A World Without Hunger) drawing contest in Honduras.

Responding to Emergencies
10 July 2014

UN’s Quick Response to Earthquake in Guatemala

Early Monday morning an earthquake measuring 6.4 degrees on the Richter scale, shook the border area between Guatemala and Mexico. The Guatemalan Department of San Marcos, which borders the two countries was the most adversely affected. The following pictures are from WFP’s initial response teams, which are currently on the scene assessing the situation.


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