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Responding to Emergencies
16 April 2014

Life-saving Assistance For Tanzania’s Refugees

Assistance from donors such as the UK Department for International Development (DFID) has enabled WFP to provide food assistance as well as address nutrition needs in Nyaragusu. DFID is currently one of the largest donors to WFP’s refugee operation in Tanzania. 

Responding to Emergencies
15 April 2014

Refugees From C.A.R. Receive Food Vouchers In Chad

At the end of March, WFP began the first large-scale distributions of food vouchers to respond quickly and effectively to the growing humanitarian needs of people that have fled the Central African Republic (CAR).

15 April 2014

El Salvador: Executive boards visit community affected by the coffee rust.

Executive Board representatives from six UN agencies (UNDP/UNOPS/UNFPA, UN Women, UNICEF and WFP) visited the community of Monte Sagrado, in the municipality of Apaneca.  Recently, the community has experienced a rapid growth in unemployment due to coffee rust, which has affected the food security of nearly 13,000 families.

Purchase for Progress
14 April 2014

Honduras: WFP and FAO Sign a Memorandum of Understanding on Technical Cooperation to Support Family Farmers

The purpose is to implement joint strategies to support smallholder and medium farmers of staple grains through WFP’s Purchasing for Progress (P4P) initiative and FAO’s Central American Agri-Food Chain Project.

Contributions to WFP
14 April 2014

In Central Ethiopia, a Dankeschön to Germany

German funding for WFP-supported relief and safety-net programmes in Ethiopia is helping 1.6 million pastoralists and farmers living on the edge.

Food Security Analysis
14 April 2014

Syria: Looming Drought Threatens To Worsen Food Crisis

The ongoing conflict is making it almost impossible for Syrians to access food and now a looming drought threatens to put the lives of millions more at risk.

11 April 2014

Swaziland's Minister Of Health Supports Nutrition For Vulnerable Children And People With HIV + TB

SITEKI – In a community centre for children in rural Swaziland, the Honourable Minister of Health, Sibongile Simelane, stirred a bubbling corn-soya porridge in an aluminium pot over an open fire as if she had been doing this her entire life.


School Meals
11 April 2014

A Community-based Approach To Fighting Hunger In Mozambique

Community involvement forms a key aspect of WFP's successful School Feeding programmes. At one primary school in Tete province, the volunteers, school staff, and students tell of the impact this has had at their school...

Responding to Emergencies
10 April 2014

South Sudan: 9 Hunger Facts

Over a million South Sudanese have been displaced by the on-going conflict since December. WFP continues to provide food by any means possible to those in need. Here are nine key facts about the hunger crisis in South Sudan.

10 April 2014

Indonesia: Vacancy Announcement for EPR Assistant

In 2013, WFP restructured its support to BNPB and provincial Disaster Management agencies on activities related to Emergency Logistics Preparedness including:

  • Training on Emergency Logistics;
  • Logistics Capacity Assessments in select disaster-prone provinces;
  • Provision of Emergency Response Equipment;
  • Support to BNPB’s Data Center, platform for the management of secondary data; and
  • Support to BNPB’s project on National Strategic Warehouse in Jakarta.

To ensure sustainable development of BNPB capacities, both agencies are developing a three-year strategy and joint implementation work-plan. The proposed strategy aims at strengthening GoI’s Emergency Response capacities by:

  • Reinforcing the surge capacity of humanitarian actors & strengthening logistics preparedness and response;
  • Establishing a national Network of Disaster Response Facilities (Humanitarian Staging Areas) in Jakarta, Medan and Makassar; and
  • Capacity Building of the Emergency Planners and Responders.


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