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Responding to Emergencies
26 April 2011

Refugees Who Fled Côte d’Ivoire Tell Their Stories

With tensions lingering in the West African nation of Côte d'Ivoire, WFP is bringing food assistance to some 150,000 Ivorians who fled to Liberia to escape the recent conflict. In eastern Liberia's lush, cocoa-growing region, three Ivorian refugees tell their stories as they wait to return home. Watch new video

Focus on Women
25 April 2011

Bolivia: Food Aid Saves Flood Victim And Her Chickens

Eugenia, 42, used to have a thriving chicken farm, before it was washed away by a wave of flash floods in eastern Bolivia. Afterwards, she feared that her family would have to eat their few remaining chickens to survive. But thanks to emergency food assistance, she’ll be able to keep her chickens and raise more as she rebuilds her farm.

Responding to Emergencies
19 April 2011

WFP Opens Up Supply Route To Western Libya

WFP has started moving food assistance through a new humanitarian corridor into western Libya to get help to areas beyond reach until now because of the fighting. Meanwhile, in other parts of the country food continues to arrive through land and sea channels.

First time here
19 April 2011

My Life In Five Dates: Marathon Man Paul Tergat

Former marathon champion Paul Tergat says the free daily meals provided by WFP were the only reason he went to school as a child growing up in Kenya's Rift Valley.  The opportunity paved the way for him to become one of the world's most talented runners. In 2003, he became a WFP Ambassador against Hunger. Here are the five key dates that Paul says have shaped his life.

For Individuals
18 April 2011

100,000 Kids Already Fed Through WeFeedback Online Community

Just a few weeks after launching, the social sharing platform WeFeedback has already raised enough money to feed more than 100,000 hungry children. Among the growing number of people turning their favourite foods into school meals for kids are singer Christina Aguilera and actress Drew Barrymore. Go to Feedback Calculator

Responding to Emergencies
13 April 2011

Fleeing Libyans Tell Tales of Hunger

A family escaping the conflict in Libya has described to WFP the growing problems that civilians inside the North African country face when trying to find food. “They just need the basic stuff – flour, water – because they don’t have anything,” said Mohammed, a student interviewed as he escaped by sea to Egypt.

WFP Ambassadors
13 April 2011

Malian Pop Duo WFP’s Newest Ambassadors Against Hunger

Amadou and Mariam, the acclaimed Malian pop duo, are WFP’s newest Ambassadors Against Hunger, and the first devoted to raising hunger awareness in the EU. The announcement followed the two singers’ return from Haiti, where they met with families still suffering from the devastation of the January 2010 earthquake.

Responding to Emergencies
12 April 2011

Airbridge Brings Urgent Relief To Côte d’Ivoire

WFP is ramping up efforts to assist people displaced by violence in Cote d’Ivoire with a series of airlifts that will help feed over 75,000 people around the country. Meanwhile, a logistically challenging operation is underway to feed some 150,000 refugees in remote areas of neighboring Liberia.

Responding to Emergencies
11 April 2011

WFP Ship Delivers Vital Aid At Frontline Of Libya Conflict

A WFP-chartered ship has delivered life-saving food, medical supplies, and other relief items to the Libyan port of Misrata, opening up a new humanitarian lifeline to civilians trapped in the Libyan conflict. “This is a breakthrough for the UN humanitarian operation in Libya,” said WFP Executive Director, Josette Sheeran.

Responding to Emergencies
11 April 2011

"People Frightened, Running Out Of Food," Says Staffer in Côte d’Ivoire

Graan Jaff is the chief of WFP operations in the western Côte d’Ivoire town. For the past few months, he’s been at the middle of the country’s upheaval, working to get food to the people who need it. Jaff, who's based in the western town of Man, says that tens of thousands of people on the run are hungry and scared, and that reaching them with help is no easy job.


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