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Responding to Emergencies
30 May 2014

In South Sudan, Conflict Is Affecting Access to Food for Sudanese Refugees

Active fighting may not have reached Maban County in South Sudan's Upper Nile State but the conflict that has engulfed the world's youngest nation is already having an impact.

27 May 2014

Impact Of WFP Assistance Seen In Schools In Namibia

In Namibia, WFP provides technical support to strengthen government capacity to plan and manage food based safety net programmes including the school feeding programme. WFP supports the Ministry of Education to introduce various tools and procedures to teachers and principals to enable them to run the feeding programme at their schools better.

School Meals
26 May 2014

Zero Hunger Walk Honduras 2014


First Lady of Honduras Ana Hernandez, Vice-President of Honduras Rossana Guevara, the World Food Programme Representative to Honduras Pasqualina Di Sirio, and the Programme Manager of Food Security from FAO German Flores, launched the Zero Hunger Walk 2014.  The efforts are an initiative under the United Nations’ “Zero Hunger Challenge: a World without Hunger”.

Responding to Emergencies
26 May 2014

WFP Lends A Helping Hand To Syrian Refugees In Egypt

As Syrians continue to flood out of their home country into neighbouring territories, WFP strives to assist the increasing influx of refugees. In Egypt, WFP assists close to 100,000 Syrian refugees through food assistance vouchers. With an average of 6,000 new Syrian refugees every month, WFP continues to open up distribution sites hoping to reach out to others living in remote areas.

Cash and Vouchers
26 May 2014

Syrian Refugees In Lebanon Survive On WFP Food Assistance

When 60-year-old Hafiza first arrived to Lebanon two years ago fleeing the daily shelling in Eastern Ghouta on the outskirts of Damascus, she refused to depend on assistance. But, like tens of thousands of Syrian refugees across the regions, her saving ran out after only a few months and she registered for WFP’s e-card assistance.

23 May 2014

Thousands from Nigeria seek refuge in fragile areas of Niger

Fleeing violence attributed to the Islamist sect Boko Haram in Nigeria, thousands of people have found refuge in Niger, where they are receiving assistance from WFP and other humanitarian organizations.


For Companies
23 May 2014

Shakira’s “La La La” Celebrates World Coming Together, Supports School Meals

What happens when Shakira and Activia join forces to support WFP? Transformational programmes receive much-needed funding, and thousands of people hear about it for the very first time.

Cash and Vouchers
22 May 2014

Haiti: Partnering for Progress

With less than 10 days to go before the start of this year’s hurricane season, Rome-based Agencies WFP and FAO join forces to help Haitians protect their communities.

Disaster Risk Reduction
22 May 2014

DRC Refugees Start A Better Life In Southern Rwanda

Over 7,000 refugees from the Democratic of Congo (DRC) have seen their living conditions improve after staying in the Nkamira transit centre for the last two years. In April, they moved to Mugombwa camp in Southern Rwanda and although they remain dependent on WFP food assistance their life has got better.

Responding to Emergencies
21 May 2014

Contribution from UK enables WFP to feed 100,000 people in South Sudan, as the country faces a hunger crisis.

As hunger and disease reach critical levels in South Sudan, the UK has announced its contribution of $27 million to the World Food Programme (WFP) to feed over 100,000 people affected by the current humanitarian crisis.


Fighting Hunger Worldwide