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Food Security Analysis
18 November 2010

“The World Should Hedge Against High Food Prices,” Says Economist

Rising food prices present a serious dilemma for aid agencies like WFP, whose ability to help people with food aid is weakened just when that help is needed most. But renowned economist Paul Collier says the world could hedge against that risk by agreeing beforehand to boost support for WFP when prices pass a certain threshold.

Responding to Emergencies
17 November 2010

A Less Painful Approach To Planning For Emergencies

WFP’s Yemen office was an ideal candidate to pilot the organization’s new emergency planning package.  Facing conflict, insecurity, refugees, drought, serious food insecurity , the Yemen operation is a microcosm of all the challenges WFP faces.

Food Security Analysis
17 November 2010

WFP Keeps Careful Watch On Food Prices

WFP is watching international food prices closely, as continued rises could increase pressure on the hungry poor and at the same time raise the cost of providing food assistance. A new report warns that food prices could climb higher in 2011, especially if harvests are poor.

Preventing Hunger
16 November 2010

Mauritania Families Find Chewy Solution To Hunger

Gum arabic, a common food ingredient which makes bubblegum chewy and postage stamps stick, may also be offering a way out of poverty for a group of returning refugees in southern Mauritania. With the earnings from their new gum tree nursery, they’re investing in wells, homes, more trees and a future free from hunger.

Food For Assets
15 November 2010

Pakistan: Five Ways Lives Are Improving

More than three months after catastrophic monsoon floods swept through Pakistan, WFP’s food assistance is helping in many ways. It brings relief to people who are still cut off by flood waters and helps families protect their children from malnutrition. It also supports those who are in a position to rebuild their homes and livelihoods.

Focus on Women
10 November 2010

Tajikistan: Food Puts TB Mother On Track To Recovery

After falling ill with stage II tuberculosis, Zebinisso Idibekova's future looked bleak. She couldn't afford the medication and was growing weaker by the day. But a combination of nutritious food and free medication have brought her back from the edge -- and ensured her son stays in school.

Aid professionals
10 November 2010

Automated Weather Stations Enhance Ethiopia’s Climate Risk Data

Ethiopia’s National Meteorological Agency (NMA) has just finishing installing 20 automated weather stations that will send real-time data from pastoral areas to Addis Ababa every 15 minutes.

Responding to Emergencies
9 November 2010

Haiti: Pre-positioned Food Delivered Fast After Hurricane

As the hurricane season approached this year, WFP positioned food in strategic points around Haiti. So when Hurricane Tomas raged off Haiti’s western coast a few days ago, emergency provisions were ready for the thousands of people facing yet another natural disaster.

Responding to Emergencies
8 November 2010

Pakistan Floods: The First 100 Days

Floodwaters have receded in many parts of Pakistan and flood victims are thinking about recovery and rebuilding. But in other areas, vast swathes of land remain submerged and communities cut off by the waters still depend on deliveries of emergency food aid.

Responding to Emergencies
8 November 2010

Pakistan: On Road To K2, Flood-Hit Villages Brace For Winter

The spectacular beauty of the Himalayan Mountains in Northern Pakistan belie harsh living conditions that will be even harsher this year for farmers whose livestock and fields were wiped out by the August floods. Ahead of the snows that will cut much off the region off for the winter, WFP is pre-positioning food so that the local residents will have enough to eat.


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