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Cash and Vouchers
26 May 2011

Sudan: Camp Dwellers Welcome New Food Choices

Abdulla Adam Mussa and his family have spent the last seven years in a camp for displaced people in western Darfur. For most of that time, they’ve gotten by on food aid. But thanks to a new food vouchers scheme, they’ll be able to shop for their own food on local markets, allowing them more choice and a greater variety.

First time here
25 May 2011

Round-World Sailor Jessica Watson Named WFP Youth Rep

Australia's Jessica Watson, who last year became the youngest person ever to sail around the world alone, is WFP’s newest Youth Representative. In her new role, Jessica will use her fame and spirit of adventure to engage young people around the world in the fight against hunger.

Purchase for Progress
24 May 2011

Gates Spotlights WFP Support For Smallholder Farmers

WFP’s Purchase for Progress initiative was in the spotlight at a key food security event in Washington on Tuesday as Bill Gates applauded the programme which works to connect small farmers to markets and WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran underlined the role corporations can play in supporting it.

Aid professionals
19 May 2011

Vouchers Keep Food Moving Despite Syrian Unrest

The coastal town of Lattakia, in Syria, is home to thousands of Iraqi refugees, many of whom receive food aid through WFP’s new Electronic Voucher System (EVS). In recent weeks, Syria has also been home to an escalating wave of civil unrest. And yet, despite all the chaos, the system has continued to work.

School Meals
19 May 2011

School Meals Explained In 2 Minutes

Meet Adeyinka Badejo. Her job is to organise school meals programmes in places where many children don’t go to school because they don’t have enough to eat. “School meals work because they’re simple,” says Adeyinka. They help kids grow up healthy and keep them coming back to school. Watch video

Cash and Vouchers
17 May 2011

Cash & Vouchers: An Innovative Way to Fight Hunger

WFP delivers hundreds of thousands of tons of food each year but, increasingly, we’re giving hungry people cash or vouchers to buy food for themselves. Particularly when food is available on the market but too expensive for the poorest to buy, cash and vouchers can feed the hungry without hurting the local economy.

Preventing Hunger
16 May 2011

French G20 Presidency Discusses Food Reserves at WFP

WFP and the French G20 presidency hosted a high-level meeting in Rome on Monday to explore key issues in the fight against hunger, including the possibility of setting up emergency food reserves to ensure the world’s poor have access to food even during a major supply crisis.

Aid professionals
12 May 2011

On The Frontlines: Emergency Comms Expert Mick Eccles

From weathering mortar attacks in Somalia to navigating the conflict zone in Afghanistan, Mick Eccles' job training emergency radio operators is anything but boring. But there’s more than just radios to this bearded aid worker, whose casual manner and love of roses have won him friends around the world.

Climate Change
9 May 2011

10 Things Everyone Should Know About Hunger

How many hungry people are there in the world and where do most of them live? What effect does it have on their minds and bodies and what can we do to help them? Here is a list of 10 things about hunger that absolutely everyone should know.

Focus on Women
5 May 2011

HIV+ Mother Finds Way Out Of Hunger Trap

Until recently, Neri, an HIV+ mother of three, often had to choose between feeding her children and feeding herself. It was an impossible choice and she might have died if she hadn't started receiving food as part of her treatment. She's now healther, better able to care for her family and was able to celebrate Mother’s Day.


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