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29 January 2011

Message to Davos: Nourishing People Is An Investment

As business and government leaders met last week in the Swiss town of Davos to discuss global issues including poverty, growth and food security, WFP took the opportunity to talk to many of them about how the private sector can help fight hunger in innovative and concrete ways. Go to blog

29 January 2011

Women 4 Women at Davos

Fifteen women leaders, including executives from Kraft Foods, Coca-Cola, Bank of America,  brainstormed on Friday about how to improve the food security of women in the developing world.

28 January 2011

WFP Head Leads Davos Debate On Raising Healthy Children

WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran asked a panel of experts at Davos: How can we raise healthy children in today’s world, when we face the double burden of undernourishment and overnourishment?

28 January 2011

Snapshots from the WFP tent

Here's a selection of snapshots showing some of the people who came to WFP's tent at Davos to discuss innovative ways of fighting hunger.

28 January 2011

How the WFP-TNT partnership began

TNT, the global transport giant, has been a key corporate partner for WFP since 2003.

28 January 2011

How TNT has helped WFP fight hunger

Peter Bakker, CEO of  global transport giant TNT, is WFP's newest “Ambassador Against Hunger”. Here’s a quick look at what TNT has done to support WFP’s fight against hunger since partnering with the organization in 2003.

28 January 2011

Leaders focus on rising food prices, opportunities for women

At the annual leaders’ dinner in the WFP tent on Thursday evening, about 70 heads of industry, politics, academia and international organizations  discussed high global food prices, export bans on agriculture, improving nutrition for children under age two and opportunities for women.

27 January 2011

Progress On Hunger Due To G-20/G-8 Or Business?

WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran took part in a debate about global leadership hosted by BBC World at Davos today. She asked how much of the progress in lifting people out of hunger in the last 20 years was down to the G20 and the global architecture  and and how much was due to social entrepreneurship on the ground.

27 January 2011

CEOs Start Day by Focusing on Child Malnutrition

In WFP’s tent at Davos this morning,  20 CEOs, UN officials and heads of charitable foundations and met at 7 am and rolled up their sleeves to see what they could do about child malnutrition.

26 January 2011

The Tent In The Snow

With deep snow and temperatures stuck below freezing, the idea of WFP hosting events in a tent at the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos might seem like a bizarre idea.


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