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  • 14/03/2019 — Syrian Arab Republic SHOTLIST (PDF)

    8 Years of War in Syria: Returning to Rebuild with Fears of a Lost Generation (For the Media)

    Eight years of war in Syria have pushed millions of Syrians into hunger and poverty. The conflict has also displaced millions both inside and outside Syria. While many are returning to their homes, many others remain displaced and need support. Syrians returning to their country and communities need support – and they need to work. WFP is helping Syrians produce their own food and generate an income in areas that are secure and where commerce is functioning. Despite an improvement in the situation, continued food assistance is vital for millions of families as well as for stability and security in Syria.

  • 24/10/2018 — Syrian Arab Republic SHOTLIST (PDF)

    Crop Failure Creating More Hunger in War-Torn Syria (For the Media)

    Extreme weather and prolonged conflict have caused Syria’s agricultural production to hit its lowest point in three decades. The conflict has damaged vast farming areas, displaced thousands of farmers and triggered a sharp increase in the cost of agricultural inputs like seed and fertilizers.

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