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WFP Ambassador Against Hunger Hend Sabry Launches A Donation Campaign To Help Fight Hunger

CAIRO – The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) Ambassador Against Hunger, Hend Sabry, today launched a campaign to raise money that will benefit the UN food agency in its efforts to feed the most vulnerable people in the Arab world. Sabry is auctioning a traditional Bedouin dress that she wore while filming her latest film “El Gezira 1.” A video featuring the challenge ( has been posted on social media. The dress will go to the person who makes the highest donation through the WFP website


At the end of the video, Sabry challenges fellow actor and colleague Ahmed El Sakka to do the same and auction one of his favourite items with the aim of keeping the challenge going. “We are living in an extremely difficult time in our world and especially our region -- where millions of people go to bed hungry and we truly can try to make a difference,” said Hend Sabry. “The idea of the challenge is quite simply to spread awareness on the issue of hunger. I want to tell my fans that each and every single one of us can make a difference, but it starts by giving something that is close to your heart for the better good. I chose one of the dresses that is closest to my heart.”

The Tunisian actress has been a WFP Ambassador Against Hunger since 2006 and has gone on several missions to shed light on the plight of the most vulnerable people in the region and to bring support to WFP’s work feeding millions of people worldwide. Her trips included visiting Syrian refugees in Zaatari camp in Jordan, Syrian refugees in Lebanon, and WFP school feeding projects for the most vulnerable children in Egypt and Tunisia.

The proceeds of the campaign will help displaced families affected by the on-going conflict in Syria, and people throughout the Arab world who struggle on a daily basis to buy or produce enough food to live a healthy life

For more information please contact (email address:

Abeer Etefa, WFP/Cairo, Tel. +202 252 81730, Mob. +010 666 34352

Amina Al Korey, WFP/Cairo, Tel. +202 252 81730, Mob. +010 2853 1535