The Story of Daouda, a School Feeding Beneficiary in Burkina Faso
Published on 15 September 2011

 Daouda, 10 years old, is one of the 90.000 pupils that every day benefit from WFP School Feeding Programme in Burkina Faso.

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In a little village of the Sahel region, Daouda goes to school, where he receives hot meals through WFP's school feeding programme.

Ouagadougou - 10-year-old Daouda lives in Goat Gaîka, a small village nestled among the arid and bare hills of the Sahel region in Burkina Faso. He attends the village primary school, where he receives WFP support through the school feeding programme.

Each morning, he arrives at school at 6 AM, where he eats and the other students eat a hot breakfast of SuperCereal, a mix of corn and soya blend prepared as a porridge. For lunch, students are served another hot meal, fortified with micronutrient power.

“With a full stomach, it is easier to stay focused during class,” said Daouda with a bright smile. A promising child, he has wide range of interests but his favourite class is history.

"Thanks to the history classes, I know the past. I can know what happened a hundred or a thousand years ago. By knowing this, we can improve our future, starting with that of our families,” said Daouda. 

When asked how studying can solve real-life problems, he gave the following example: “Our mothers get very tired carrying cans of water from the pump back home. Only through studying can we find solutions to problems like the shortage of water in my village and improve our life conditions."

Daouda is full of ideas and does not hesitate to express them. "At school I also learned that the cutting of trees hurts the earth and will worsen our future. That is why, with my parents, I planted two mango trees, which I look after. " 

Coming from a family of seven, Daouda helps out at home when he is free from school. He assists his father in brick-making and lends a hand in the fields. If he has the time, he enjoys playing football with his classmates.

When asked to imagine his future, Daouda shows some hesitation.  He pauses for a moment, then says: "I want to be a person who works well. I would like to become a doctor to cure the sick. And I would like to have a big family ".

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