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Emergency Food And Nutrition Support To Food-Insecure And Conflict-Affected People

This Operation has been modified as per Budget Revision 4 (see below).

Yemen faces a humanitarian crisis, following internal conflict and political instability, a breakdown of social services, the impact of high food and fuel prices, and rising poverty. Forty-five percent of the population (10 million people) are food-insecure, of whom 5 million are “severely” food-insecure – an 87 percent increase since 2010. Acute malnutrition (wasting) affects 13 percent of children under 5 at national level, and is worse in the coastal governorates, reaching 28 percent in Al-Hodeidah, and the prevalence of stunting (47 percent) among children under 5 is the highest in the world.

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Country at a glance 2015
Planned Beneficiaries0
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Beneficiary needs ($US)283,751,222
Threats to food security
  • High food prices
  • Political instability
  • Population displacement
  • Environmental degradation
  • Influx of refugees