Transcript For 'European Union Helps Treat Moderate Acute Malnutrition Among Young Children In Sudan'

Marco Prost: Today in Sudan there is about 750,000 children that are acutely malnourished. We’re talking about huge numbers here. The cost of prevention is about 30 dollars. The preventive services are food based, but the amount of food that is provided in this kind of intervention is rather small and the emphasis is really put on communicating to mothers on behavior, on practices and on how they can improve the nutrient density of the food that they provide to their children , how can they improve the hygiene environment to avoid any disease, any illness.

The course of treatment for a moderately-malnourished child is about 100 dollar, okay? Now echo is supporting WFP for the treatment of moderate-acute malnutrition so younger children are much more susceptible to diseases, they are much more susceptible to repeated episodes of illnesses. Our treatment programme is targeting children all the way to the age of 5 years because as a life threatening condition we do have a very significant proportion of the children within the three to five years age group that are affected by that condition.