Transcript For 'A Dollar A Day - Ethiopia'

Melese Awoke: Ethiopia is said to have around 80 million people. Out of which, one city is said to be living on under one dollar day. I’m in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. Today I’m going to see what food I think I can buy with one dollar. One dollar is equivalent to 16 Ethiopian birr. Okay this is lentils, from which you can make sauce. She’s telling me it is 30 birr, which is over two dollars, so I can’t buy it now. This is pepper and  pepper is an important item in Ethiopian food. Let me ask if I can afford it. It is exactly one dollar. Potatoes- so she’s telling me that itis 12 birr, which is close to one dollar. Onion- and let me ask if I can afford it. So it’s 3.5 birr, it’s less than a dollar. Okay, this is garlic- very important in the food items in Ethiopian households. She’s telling me that it is 50 birr. That is around three dollars. So I could buy potatoes, tomatoes, and onions. From these, I will get some carbohydrates and vitamins. But still I lack some other  nutritional needs like proteins. So its very difficult to live on just one dollar for a day in Ethiopia.