Transcript For 'Three Lives Being Lived in Zaatari Refugee Camp'

Um Shadi Bardan: “My name is Um Shadi Bardan from Dara’a. Our house was burned down so we came to Zaatari camp. Now it’s been 9 months that we live in Zaatari.

Mohammed Abdel Rahim-Rachid: “I’m the head of the sports committee in the camp. I am a teacher in Syria. I am Mohammed Abdel Rahim-Rachid from Dara’a.”

Abdel Rahman: “My name is Abdel Rahman. I am five and one half years old. I am from Syria.”

Mohammed Abdel Rahim-Rachid:“In Syria, the student does not leave the classroom except to use the bathroom. Here, students are constantly trying to escape. Maybe it is a result of the horrors they have been through or because they missed school for two years, so they try to escape.”

Abdel Rahman:“First time. First time I go to school. Grade one. I love school. They always give us biscuits. Now they will also give us bags with books. And we sit in class and be normal.”

Um Shadi Bardan: “The camp has improved a lot. When we first arrived here there were no kitchens or cooking gas.They used to give us ready to eat meals. It quickly changed..They built kithens and we were able to cook the food that we like. Later they opened a market and we can no go and buy what we want. We are very happy with the vouchers. before, all we had was bulgar, lentils, rice and canned food. It was limited. Now we can have yogurt, cheese, sardines, tuna and other food we didn’t have before. Thank God, we are happy here but we hope to go back to our country safely.”