Transcript For 'A Dollar A Day - Kenya'

Narrator: “This is the heart of Kibera slum in Nairobi. Kibera is home to over 200,000 people. Most of whom live on between one and two dollars a day.

Rose Ogola: “I’m Rose Ogola and I’m in Kibera to see how much food I can buy with one dollar. I will start with the fish market. So, one fish is more than two dollars, clearly I cannot afford it. 85 Kenya shillings cannot buy me one piece of fish. I set out to go further into the market, to see what other food I can buy with my one dollar. One bunch of vegetables, kale vegetables, which is some sort of a spinach, costs like 5 shillings and I’m going to need like four bunches, which is 20 Kenya shillings. So for this bunch of vegetables, my two tomatoes, my two onions, is going to cost me 50 Kenya shillings which is equivalent to about 45 US cents. So, at least we have vegetables. I need to find what to eat these vegetables with. This is rice, it’s 140 shillings per kilo, which means a half of a box is 80 shillings. I don’t have that kind of money so I will have to
see if I can get something else. This is maize flour which is 47 shillings, which is about what I have, so I think I will go for maize flour. So I get my kilo of maize flour, which will make me sort of a thick porridge to eat with my vegetables. It costs just about the balance of my one dollar. Clearly, I will have to eat my meal without proteins, but at least I will have a full stomach for the night.