Transcript For 'Burundian Refugees Face Challenging Times In Tanzania'

Narrator: Political unrest in the central African nation of Burundi has caused tens of thousands of people to flee into neighbouring countries.  Many of those crossing into Tanzania have arrived to the  village of Kagunga which is few km away from the border with Burundi. Over recent weeks thousands of refugees have been crowding in the villages along the shores of lake Tanganyika. They came with whatever belonging they have been able to carry. The food that they have brought soon runs out so they have to buy of bed from traders of the local market. Due to the unsanitary conditions many refugees have been suffering from cholera and many other diseases. Thousands have died. The World Food Programme have been providing some food to the refugees here. Every effort have been made to get them away from this location as soon as possible. Over the last couple of weeks more than a thousand people have been taken by ship to Kigoma  a town further south along the lake shore. On arrival they are taken by bus to the town football stadium. Conditions here are not ideal but at least there is more space than at  Kagunga and it is easier for aid agencies to address their needs. Here they are given shelters and served hot meals. The sick are treated, food is provided by WFP.
  WFP provides food. Provides three meals a day for all the refugees that are hosted in this centre. They normally stay two or three days before they are transferred to Nyarugusu, and they are provided with porridge in the morning, then lunch and supper

Narrator: as soon as possible the refugees are moved from the football stadium to Nyarugusu refugee camp. On arrival they are served with hot meals and once registered with rations of food they can cook. No one knows how long they will remain here as refugees, That will depend on how events will unfold in their homelands over coming week and months