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We're fighting hunger, come with us!
On the Road is a video blog from the field. Follow us around the world to see the business of fighting hunger up close.

Millions of people around the world live on a dollar a day. But what exactly can you buy for a dollar if you go into an average market in Egypt, Cambodia or Guatemala? Follow WFP staff as they go to find out.

Actress, singer and Philippines Ambassador Against Hunger KC Concepcion travels to the island of Mindanao for a look at one of her country’s most intriguing regions. The only island in the Philippines to host a large Muslim population, Mindinao also suffers from high levels of child malnutrition. KC’s journey takes her from a school where local children are celebrating the Islamic New Year to a woman’s cooperative and health centre where food is provided to those in need.

From the deserts to Damascus, Abeer takes us to Syria, an enchanting country at grips with a changing climate and the arrival of thousands of refugees from neighbouring Iraq. During a trip to the parched northeast, where whole villages lay abandoned in the wake of drought, Abeer sees how mobile phones and text messages are bringing hope and sustenance to families fleeing from conflict.

Angela gets back to her roots in Colombia where she visits Cali and Buonaventura, and pays a call on a local NGO working to help women victims of violence.

Just a few weeks before devastating floods hit Pakistan, Brenda Barton set off to explore a country already battling against poverty and malnutrition. From the stunning Swat Valley, where the flooding began soon after, she headed to Peshawar, where militants (and deadly snakes) are an ever-present threat. After a stop in the teeming metropolis of Lahore, Brenda arrives in Islamabad to commemorate the five staff members killed in the bomb attack on WFP's office last year--and to welcome their colleagues to their new premises.

Lena Savelli offers us a rare glimpse inside the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), a country off limits to all but a handful of foreign visitors every year. The imposing monuments of Pyongyang belie the country's harsh living conditions, which have left one in three women and children prey to chronic hunger. Lena takes us from the port where WFP food aid arrives from around the world to the specialized clinics where malnourished children are brought in for treatment.

Four months after the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti, the media reflectors have largely moved on. Yet Haiti is still fighting to come out from under the rubble, its sprawling tent camps an enduring reminder that the humanitarian emergency is far from over. Silke Buhr takes us to the heart of WFP’s ongoing mission in Haiti, from the skies over a remote mountain village to the playground of a Port-au-Prince school, to find out what’s being done to heal this wounded country.

The River Nile, Aswan, cool courtyards and the rolling desert sands...wonderfully picturesque but poor Egyptians still need to be sure they have access to enough food for themselves and their families. Abeer Etefa takes us on a trip around Egypt, learning how WFP is working with the government to help poor communities develop ways to become 'food secure'. And, yes, we get to see the sunset on the Nile.

We're on the road with a consignment of high energy biscuits, bound for the flood-stricken Philippines. Martin Penner takes us along as he follows a consignment of the biscuits from the factory in Turkey to the Filippino beneficiaries on an island south of Manila.

We’re on the road in Myanmar 18 months after Cyclone Nargis tore across the country, leaving death and destruction in its wake. Jonathan Dumont, the head of WFP’s television and video unit, tours Myanmar to see what sort of a recovery the nation has made and how WFP is helping.

We're on the road in Bangladesh with Natasha Scripture, who finds herself in one of the world's most flood-prone countries where 65 million out of 150 million people cannot meet their basic food needs. Natasha meets some of the women who manage, with WFP's help, to keep their families going despite the challenges.

We’re on the road in Kenya, where nearly 4 million people need WFP’s food assistance right now because of a drought that is turning swathes of the country into dust. Marcus Prior shows us what this means for Kenyans, how they are trying to cope and why WFP’s help – and funding from donors – is more urgent than ever.

Welcome to On The Road Haiti! In this two-part series, Jim Farrell shows us what it’s like to be poor in Port-au-Prince, a city where everything seems dirty, including the food and water. We see what must be some of the worst roads on earth. As Jim explains these constitute a major challenges for WFP as it works to fight hunger on this impoverished island state.

We're on the road in Malawi! In this series, Richard Lee takes you to visit a food market and finds out how much a family can buy with the average daily wage (not much). See how we are helping people living with HIV to grow crops. See how enthusiastic teachers and students are when they talk about WFP school meals and a whole lot more...

Travel with Marcus to Tanzania and see what life is like in the deep field. Visit nutrition centres, see school kids showing up for their daily meals and get a taste of original Masai goat. Welcome to 'On the road' in Tanzania.