On the road: Malawi

We're fighting hunger, come with us

We're on the road in Malawi! In this series, Richard Lee takes you to visit a food market and finds out how much a family can buy with the average daily wage (not much). See how we are helping people living with HIV to grow crops. See how enthusiastic teachers and students are when they talk about WFP school meals and a whole lot more...

Now playing: The happiest children in Malawi
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Now playing: The traditional Malawi meal
Now playing: Spinning tops and raw sugar cane

1. The happiest children in Malawi

29 Jul 2009 | 26 Comments | 5'31"

2. What will a dollar buy?

6 Aug 2009 | 8 Comments | 4'23"

3. The traditional Malawi meal

20 Aug 2009 | 5'31"

4. Spinning tops and raw sugar cane

26 Aug 2009 | 4 Comments | 4'19"
You're on the road with:

Richard Lee

WFP Spokesperson He was based in Cape Twon.

I travelled over Africa for the BBC, quizzing WFP spokespeople about what was going on. Seven years ago I decided to jump over the fence and now spend my time answering the questions. When I'm not telling the world about WFP's work, I'm an obsessive cricket fan and I'm not bad with a bat myself.

The happiest children in Malawi

Richard travels to a school near the capital Lilongwe where, thanks to WFP, the children receive a nutritious meal every day. One confident young student seizes the opportunity to express his appreciation. Driving to his next destination, Richard is offered a common local dish – mice on a stick – but decides not to try them.

What will a dollar buy?

Aware that many families in Malawi live on less than a dollar day, Richard goes to a country market to see what a family of five can buy with a dollar. There’s lots of good-looking food but he can’t buy much. Stopping off at a hospital nearby, he sees one of the results of this situation: child malnutrition.

The traditional Malawi meal

Richard shows us what traditional Malawi food consists of. He also battles with a thorn bush in order to show us a community where WFP is supporting a reforestation programme. We then see how people living with HIV are able to provide for their own food needs thanks to a bit of advice and a water pump. 

Spinning tops and raw sugar cane

We find out what goes into the nutritious porridge that WFP gives many beneficiaries in Malawi and Richard finds out that raw sugar cane is delicious but hard on the teeth. After meeting the jovial keepers of a community fishpond, we climb upwards to see the view from the Zomba plateau. And there our tour ends.

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It seems to be another world. That's an ideal vision of another civilization. Very hard even to imagine that in our globalized world there are so many differenties between styles of life which includes meals, traditions and other features!

keep up the good work. great to see so many happy kids!

Wow anon1 thats a pretty harsh criticism of such a great organization. While I do agree that developing agricultural efforts is an excellent idea.. discounting the whole notion of providing aid to developing nations and equating it to perpetuating the problem is a bit much don't you think?

WPF has maintained their commitment to helping communities in africa for sometime now.. what have you done that justifies you to bash their efforts?

Eric White

Great post and video. That was really amazing! Good job!

Kind regards,
Andy Moquin

What a disgrace.

Malawi has fertile soils and a massive stretch of water in Lake Malawi

There is no excuse for that country to be hungry - ever.

The World Food Program is giving food aid without encouraging people to have smaller families.

Africans believe you are not a man unless you have kids - and a 'big' man has many kids. So the people will breed to the extent of the food provided.

Feed them more, WFP, they will have more children to soak up the free food.

It's unsustainable.

And when the WFP goes away there will be more hungry mouths to starve than ever before.

And the farming industry will never have been forced to develop past subsistence agriculture thanks to the distortion caused by giving free food.

But what does the WFP care? You've protected your fat, overpaid European bureaucrat jobs.

WFP doesn't want to solve hunger but perpetuate it so it can soak up more funds and protect your jobs.

The WFP isn't really about feeding Africa at all.

The happiest children in Malawi will be producing 9 kids of their own in 5 years time and who will feed them?

You will ask for more money. A never-ending spiral.

wow dat sad

I think this is a beautifulful programm and if i wasn't descended from african slaves here in America and knew which Country my acenster were from i would love to go to that particular Counrty in Africa and Also Rwanada and Zambia. But im a 12 yr old African American Christian girl who is all, but aware of my acenstrial background. God Bless And Continue the Great Work.

SO KUDOS!!!!!!!!

Amazing :) this is how it should be done..

this is amazing!

Hi!I'm from Iran and I want to thank you for helping poor people in my country.I try to help them from this moment.

i think more people should donate to the poor b cuz they dnt have as much things as we do. So plz mor ppl donate food ^_^

It is great to see the kids clothed and also to see that the world food programe is working so well. Thanks for these great videos. It sure is better to see a program that works.

Great job

I am from China!I will help the hunger from now on and Iwill ask my friend to do this thing fonever!

Thank you for helping all these people get meals and educations. I think your work is very important.

gr8 job

KUDOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TO YOU ALL

I greatly appreciate the tiresome job you are doing!
I suggest that people use the procedures of stocking fish in tanks nearby their homes so as to obtain enough protein & the integration of fish in ponds with crops like paddy, fruits and vegetables as well as livestock and poultry.
Growing of drought resistant crops like wheat and cassava is one way of eliminating hunger; people should not be used to being donated instead they should be taught the whys hunger arises and the hows of combating hunger.
Thank you for your assistance to the starving people & I wish I were with you in the business. God bless.

i like this program i want help poor people because i m poor but i make part of this program

I am a Canadian citizan i love to work with WFP. if there is any job for me e-mail it .

thank you

I have solidarity feels with yours. I will be anxious, if i hear about starving or global warming on the world's developing or poor countries.
I pray for health and peace there.

I used to monitor school feeding in Thyolo and Mulanje, southern Malawi,as a VSO volunteer from the UK. This video brought back great memories of working with the Malawian people, especially the heroic teachers there. The kids were great and the wonderful women who cooked the porridge. Keep up the good work WFP! Never tried the mice, but roasted maize was welcome on the long motorbike rides. Toanana!

Usually I put most of your posts on my Facebook Wall to share it with all of my Facebook friends. You're doing a very great job!!!
This "On the Road" is a very good idea, one really has the feeling of being there. It's very good that you showed how poor people in the countryside are cooking and selling mice to keep on going.
I think the people in the developed countries need to see more people in Africa who are doing SOMETHING to better the environment for everyone.
All the best


I really enjoyed watching the video.Everyone seems to be quite happy and very friendly.I guess eating rats is an acquired taste.

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My emotional thanks for all the people working in this program.
This site is very good.
keep it going.

Thanks for ur work.

This sight is wonderful. It makes you feel like you are doing something to help fight extreme poverty. Please keep this site going. Thanks for all you do.

Hi,I really think that this website is a great way to fund the food united company to be prowd and Blessive enough in their hearts to do such a great thing for all these kids in malawi many more on Earth who are dieing from disease and hunger related around the world happening right now.Plus freerice is a perfect website where of any age people can go to and gain rice for the families in Africa, Cambodia, and other places where you can donate many grains of rice to familes are dieing constantly around the world due to starvation. The government should really start using their tax money to sponsor and support/advertise this website everywhere online to everyone and maybe on cable for the people that have these non-needed essentials. By the way, I donated 8,070 grains of rice at school today by just answering simple questions! PS. I'm 12 and sad for all the starving kids outside of the country where they have no food too eat. The government should really step up to this great website and stop buying BULL**** like more freeways and bridges and start to think about all those children out there who are dieing this second because this country is so greedy and selfish don't forget FAT too just do something right for others and stop thinking about theirselves for awhile.

This makes me want to cry and help all the children and families in the world. Although I'm a young 16 year old mother myself, i think about how much i took advantage of things that other kids or even adults don't have in their lifetime and it makes me sad to think about how many people are dying because of starvation. I'm currently looking for a job. As soon as i get one and save up some money i would like to donate. If you have any information on how i can do this without a credit card or any card, PLEASE e-mail me and let me know.

This page is lagging. i was on freerice.com so i could help, and i can be as old as i want! Everyone should go on it. Whoever reads this, go there and send the site to ur friends. i donated total 500 grains of rice, but i will do more. so help!

i think this is so amazing that these people live in these conditions. i want to donate so bad and i definatley will as soon as i turn 18. be waiting for my donation!!!!!

Thank you guys for what you do i am donating all of my 11 year birthday money to you you are the best keep on working hard to change lives!!!

I'm really enjoying these videos from Malawi. I was in Blantyre in April where I got to visit the children I sponsor, along with their families. The people are amazing - I've not had such a welcome as a stranger before. It was heartwarming.

Yet it is an incredibly needy country. I saw little children begging everywhere in the street. I was unfortunately robbed while I was there too...but the robbers were clearly victims of poverty themselves. It is hard to feel anger for anything other than the situation they are in.

Bravo for your work WFP. Thank you :)

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i hope you shoot more videos of the people. And it is very nice that you people are helping them. can i work with you people.

Can you do a video on how you help with World Vision and Unicef as they are two of your largets suporters in the WFP?

I hope you take more videos

Thanks so much for sharing these videos. I watched them this morning, and they put me in a really good mood :) Very funny, very cool.

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