On the road: Myanmar

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We’re on the road in Myanmar 18 months after Cyclone Nargis tore across the country, leaving death and destruction in its wake. Jonathan Dumont, the head of WFP’s television and video unit, tours Myanmar to see what sort of a recovery the nation has made and how WFP is helping.

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1. Back in the USSR

17 Nov 2009 | 25 Comments

2. The road to success

17 Nov 2009 | 3 Comments

3. Myanmar make-up

17 Nov 2009 | 2 Comments
You're on the road with:

Jonathan Dumont

Head of WFP's Video Unit

Back in the USSR

In episode one, Jon overcomes the bureaucratic hurdles involved in simply getting into Myanmar and takes the first soggy steps on his journey around the East Asian country which WFP is helping recover from the 2008 cyclone. Red cups, bad roads and Jon’s fear of snakes all emerge as his TV camera begins its voyage of discovery.

The road to success

In episode two we visit a community where WFP food rations are helping people who lost everything in the cyclone rebuild their lives. Rice and other supplies enable local people to focus on renovating a road which will link their village to the nearest market. The road will be a crucial factor in recovery in the area.

Myanmar make-up

In episode three, Jon is off the road and on the river. We’re going around the Ayeyarwady delta, picking up delicious river crabs as we see how WFP is supporting work on the dykes that normally keep water off farmland. We also get a lesson in how to apply Myanmar make-up and a view of what may be the cutest smile in east Asia.

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This is a very good insight on the country. Some people usually have the misconception about a certain country that they need to see the real deal. Good luck on your efforts!

This is a very good cause. Few people realize the devastation in the wake of a storm and how hard it is to get back on track.


Noah Leino

This is a very interesting video. It is amazing that in some countries the passport of the USSR are still in use. Is it because they  welcome to all the tourists because for them each tourist is a source of some profits? I believe it is so. Well, I often ask myself a question: why do some countries are rich while others are very poor. Will the poor countries ever become rich? Who knows... I like to visit photo galleries especially if there are exhibits about different countries. I usually learn about different interesting events with the help of event search engine . What I've noticed from the photos is that there is an abyss between different countries. And this is a great sorrow.

Thank u and appreciate for helping Myanmar !


Thanks alot >>> WFP* .


I feel for the cause that you guys are working on, but I think their are better options that this avaiable for eradication povery from it base, by providing employment to the masses and so and so forth. Contrary to cuurrent belief I don't think that population has got any relation with hunger. This year in India when the inflation rate was all time hight, India wasted some million metric tonnes of grains because they stored and kept in warehouse and then it got spoiled. I think we are unable to understand the root causes.



To be social is very positive aspect in this age of materialism. Life is moving very fast and embedded with full luxuries. In this fast life the best is too facilitating for your comfort and minimizing all tensions.

It looks like you are able to meet many wonderful people and see some interesting cultures along your journeys with the World Food Program. Thank you for sharing this video and it is rather funny that the immigration people in Russia are still using USSR on passports.

I feeling proud, because every one knows real WFP in this situation, help the real people’s” live acute need “like Haiti peoples; this was best jobs in this earth.

i once wanted to be a doctor,not to work and get money at the end of the month but to save lives and create hope in the hopeless...how do you feel when you see someone die of hunger due to starvation?lets work together as brothers and sisters and unite to help the poor.
how can i work with you guys?

I used to be such an ass prior to this date when I suddenly saw a commercial for something called WFP.org - with the sentence "never Look Down On Hunger". I found myself choked, and more or less ran to my computer to see what it all about. I read, watched some vidoes and wrote'em an email and left this comment (with gramatical and spelling errors I assume).

I wish that the global understanding of helping those in needs would not be so political controlled; I wish that we the human beeings really could extend a hand and not be so selffish as we are, as I am. I wish I wanna do something about it and put my money where my mouth is because there's a lot of people needding this. Imagine, how much food could be eaten if a war was not alive ... if u can say that.

Praying for times is just not enough .. Action must be taken on a higher level.

Everyone, take care out there, and nice to have WFP doing what they do.

Knud .-)

it is unfortunate to have cyclone in myanmar when the country is now progressing now and it is the time to pray for speedy recovery from the shock that had now. Thanks WFP.

Without WFP we could have lost so many people, i pray for you to continue with your operations to feed the needy, and i promise to join you soon.

love your brother as you love yourself

wfp mindfull of the poor. "if you have two pair of shoe give one to your brother who doesnt have" this is my pride work with the poor and assist them where possible.

The German treatment of celebrities is somewhat different to other western countries indeed. Their celeb gossip industry is much more sedate and subtle, and they have less of a problem with the papparazi etc.

I am newbie here and searching for such news oriented sites. Where i can find the news about the world.

Fear not that the life shall come to an end, but rather fear that it shall never have a beginning. The good seaman is known in bad weather. Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value. Pursue your object, be it what it will, steadily and indefatigably.

I would like to work with WFP for poorest and most vuinerable people so that I can serve the humanity. .

Can I join this organization.

i think that we should help these kids so donate food at freerice.com

my teacher introduced me to freerice and wow is it addicting! I spent an hour and donated 10,000 grains of rice, now I want to thank you for letting me say "donated" not only did this help me in geography class I felt great knowing that this is all helping some one out their.I look up to people like you and the free rice sponsors because someday I want to make a difference in the world,like you are. so again thank you
best wishes -love Lilly

can i come with you?
I'd like to help.


This is great. I'll definitely share this with my friends.

i aprecieate what u r doing

I think this is absolutely wonderful! I am going to share information about this site with all of my friends, my students and their parents.

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Thank you for helping the good, kind people of Myanmar.

I think that it is really nice that u help and feed these people when they really need it, great job keep up the good work!!!!

I'm very sorry for my country what's happened in the past.I thank all voluntier who help our people.

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When I saw that kid's smile light it provided all the people with a sense of hope, a ray of sunshine pulling them through their darkest times. It's lovely :)

I think that what you are doing for these peoople is amazing because you have to know what you are doing to do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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