Food assistance to promote girls education in Yemen

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This Operation has been modified as per Budget Revision 2 (see below).

The Yemen Development Project 200432 for your recommendation for WFP Executive Board approval, responds to the findings of the 2011 Country Portfoflo Evaluation in Yemen and /s in line with United Nations Development Framework for Yemen (2012·2015). The Programme Review Committee convened on 6 November 2012 endorsed the proposal, pending inclusion of the recommendations, in particular a strengthened funding forecast and a reduction in project scope in line with the resource forecast.

The project was reduced from more than 50,000 school girls under the previous Country Programme 104350 to 35,000 school girls assisted in the first year of the project, Increasing to 42,000 school girls in the second year.

Due to Anancial constraints of the government, WFP will cover all costs related to L TSH under this operation at the rate of USD 144.81 per metrIc tonne. The rate is inclusive of transport from port to central and governorate warehouses up to the final delivery points, which will be conducted in coordination with the Ministry of Education. Development project 200432 resource outlook reflects: (a) government and private sector donors who have expressed their interest In supporting WFP's food and education program, such as Mondelez International (USD 750,000)1 (b) Multilateral contributions of approximately USD 800,000 or each year of the project life. The Yemen Country Office has reached out to a number of donors, directly and through ERD, and will continue its fund raising efforts.

The proposed development project is the only WFP activity in Yemen that directly contributes to the empowerment of girls, and further supports the development objectives set out In the latest UNOAF. The project allows WFP to partiCipate In key discussions with UN and government.