Chad, 30 January 2004
Assistance to Sudanese refugees in Chad

Continued fighting between Sudanese government forces and two rebel movements seeking autonomy for Darfur, keeps pushing more people over the border. UNHCR reported about 18,000 arrived last week, after Sudanese government forces, backed by Arab tribal militiamen on horseback, raided and burned 10 villages. The newly arrived refugees in Chad are being registered by UNHCR. Since Sunday, around 2,000 people have been registered in the villages of Kourbileke, Ogona and Kabrara. A new refugee site was identified by the Government in Yaroungou, to relocate 15,000 refugees from Maro and Danamadji.

Médecins sans Frontières reported an average acute malnutrition rate among the children of refugees and of local population in Tine of 15%. WFP’s Regional Logistics Officer and an official of the USAID Regional Office in Dakar visited Adré, Farchana and Birak (Eastern Chad) from 23 to 27 January 2004. During this mission, meetings were held with UNHCR officials to discuss the situation and activities regarding Sudanese refugees, like beneficiary numbers, security conditions, logistics, food assistance and refugee resettlement to more secure sites.
Under EMOPs 10325.0 and 10327.0 assisting Sudanese refugees, 263 tons of food were distributed by WFP to about 39,600 people in 9 sites. In the next few days, 14 tons of commodities (maize meal, vegetable oil and CSB) will be distributed to 2,000 beneficiaries in the before mentioned refugee camp of Farchana.
Monitoring activities by WFP sub-office in Abeche are hampered by constraints such as lack of vehicles and insufficient means of communication. A Rub Hall was transferred from Abéché to the new refugee site of Farchana.

Wandaloo refugee camp Sudanese refugees who have crossed the border into Chad to escape the war in Darfur.

Photo: WFP/Cynthia Jones

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