Cambodia, Phnom Penh, April 2006

Pa Heap, 35 and Srey Srok, 4. Maryknoll Group Home #7, Tahkmau.

Pa Heap and her husband came from Preay Veng province where they made their living as farmers on the small patch of land that their family owned. When her husband became ill, the family was forced to sell their property and eventually their land to treat him, but eventually he died. 5 months ago, Pa Heap came to Phnom Penh with her son (who tested negative) in search of better opportunities, but her health deteriorated quickly. She was tested at Cheay Chum Neas Hospital where Maryknoll staff were alerted to her case.

Right now, Pa Heap is still waiting for ARV treatment, and her CD-4 count is 12.

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