Cambodia, Phnom Penh, April 2006

Kunthea sits with a quiet inner calm. She lived in Kandal Province and her husband used to work and live in Phnom Penh. He left her last year for another woman in Phnom Penh. In January this year Kunthea tested HIV-positive.

Kunthea has been a factory worker sewing pockets, earning $US 60 per month. She stopped work when she was three months pregnant. Her husband supported her until he left, and she has since spent her savings supporting herself through the pregnancy. Now she is homeless and staying at the Maryknoll guesthouse, waiting for the birth of her daughter.

The plan is to stay with her sister; the future is not so bright but Maryknoll will support the new family through the first year and as she gets stronger they will discuss what she is to do for the future.

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