Cambodia, Phnom Penh, April 2006

Chemroen and Lim Srey are both HIV-positive though their 8 year old son is not. He is living with his grandparents. They have been together since 1994 and Chemroen admits to being a playboy. They used to live with Chemroen's mother but after their diagnosis, they are not allowed to return as villagers are afraid of being infected.

They were both tested in 2005 when Chemroen had swollen legs and could not walk. They came to the centre on the advice of a friend who is also HIV-positive.

Chemroen worked as a labourer for $US5 per day. He is on antiretroviral therapy but has been ill recently. Nevertheless, he pushes himself to work labouring at Partners in Compassion for $US 1.5 per day. Srey works in the kitchen at the centre and provides child care earning $US 15 per month.

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